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Looking to buy a decent motorbike, but different people are talking about scripts some now are old whiles others say the new ones are the ones to have, can anyone shed any light as to the best scripts for having the latest bike and what reason some work and others bounce you on some tracks all over


I know one can not name ant reconmedations but what should I look for


wanna spead about 3k


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A tough one to answer. I'm aware of hundreds of SL fashion blogs, but virtually nothing dedicated to SL vehicle reviews.

It depends on what you want. Performance-wise, it's all down to the script - you could put a decent script into a pole-shaped prim and ride it and still outperform a number of L$2,000 bikes with inferior scripts.

If, however, you're after something that looks great, it'll be far easier to pick one you like, and the SLMP cost probably reflects the visual detail rather than the functionality. A cynic might add you'll be spending more time looking at it than throttling it anyway, thanks to sim crossings, ban lines and general lagginess.

Not much help, sorry - maybe try a few inworld racing tracks and see what regular users suggest.

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There are quite a few bike scripts in secondlife, but Karyn's dominate. They currently come in version 7 Beta scripts and version 6 scripts. I personally prefer the version 6 scripts, mostly because they are what I know better. The version 7 scripts have some additional options for tuning the bike, but they can both be tuned to taste pretty well. They are especially good for racing so a lot of Karyn's scripted bikes will feel really difficult to steer and control because they are being sold for racing, for taking tight turns at top speeds with a delicate touch of the left right buttons. They can be detuned for normal performance, but some like TAMA have additional adjustments in the script that make them pure racers such that however you try to set them up they will still be awkward to cruise around on.

Other bikes run on more basic script sets, there are a number of makers from CC, Motorloon, JFC, the late Picasa, Motor Bazzi that all use scripts that seem like developments of the HQCC scripts or were developed at a tangent to HQCC from basic vehicle scripting. These types of bikes tend to be easier to ride, better and more stable for cruising about on roads and crossing sim borders, but there is no ability as a rider to tweak the performance through the menu, nor the scripts as they will be no mod. They tend not to bank but are easy to ride and good initial bikes for most purposes, but don't expect to win any races on them.

As for bikes bouncing on the transitions between one section of road and another, that is often due to the hip height of the poses and its bounding box, there are other factors especially with mesh roads and mesh parts, I don't know all the answers to why, alot of it is trial and error each collection of parts behaves a bit differently. Some bikes run fine on prim roads, but you take them out on a mesh road made by Simone Barsov, and they jump all over the place. Whatever KatyProxima has done making her mesh roads, they are much smoother and there is less chance of the bike jumping about. Bikes seem to bounce a little more on prim roads recently than I noticed in the past, it may just being spoilt with KatyProxima's new roads, or it might be some almost imperceptible change at the Linden Lab end.

I would recommend search Moto Bazzi and JFC Customs on inworld search for a cruising bike and for one you will be able to practice racing on go take a look at Sau this bike in particular has a nice balance of speed and controllability.

Try the demos out inworld and see how you find the handling on the bike, and pick the one you find best.

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if you looking for a good handling bike then visit all the SL racetracks and look at the names of the bikes on the leaderboards

leaderboard bikes are the best indicator generally overall

this said tho. Some people can ride pretty much any bike and post a leaderboard position on it. Same RL same SL. So is some outliers on the boards

like for example I am on some leaderboards but the bikes I posted arent all that good, compared to others. I just go hard and a bit crazy demonic. Same some other people who even more crazy rider than me (:

but overall the same bikes will show up on the boards with lots of dif people riding them. So go find them and see if is a test bike to ride. Some bike makers do that. Have test bikes on their sims


for mainland cruising get a slow bike

slow meaning slow to respond to steering. Like have to hold down the left-right arrows before it will lean into the turn. The fast bikes will lean over really quick. So have to tap the keys really quickly on them. Over tap and you off the road and into the paddocks quick as a blink, and dead by banline or sec orb

Fast turn bikes are really only any good if you got a fabulous low ping time. Consistently fabulous. If like me you got a 150-300 ping variable average then a fast turn bike will kill you constantly on the mainland roads. Consistent fab ping is like never over 60. not ever

so go for a slow turner for mainland cruiser is my recommend


about bikes that dont stick to the road and go airborne for ages

some better bikes let you adjust this in the menu. Keywords used are: Down force, Gravity, Traction, Grip. So look for any of these menu functions when buying


a main thing to also look for in a mainland cruising bike is one that polls for the rider after sim crossing, and suspends the scripts from executing, until the rider and bike are on the same sim

the avatar and bike being on different sims (for some tiny time - a server race condition) on a sim crossing is the biggest reason why bikes, and every other vehicle (plane, helo, boat, car, rocket, etc), and HUDs and AOs even, break on sim crossings. Animation and camera are the most recognisable breakage in vehicles/HUDs/AOs that dont poll


the other thing that affect handling is trim

some bikes are not trimmed. The models are way out of alignment. The wheels are not straight. The frame is bent. The prim/LI weight distribution is way to much one side. and the bike will lean faster into the heavy side and lean way slower into the lighter side

also the rider position can be set to look cool, but is sometimes hopeless for riding bc is not set suit your own avatar. How tall the avatar is and its sit position (left/right fwd/bak up/down) will change the center of gravity of the bike

the SL motor drives from the center of gravity by default. So if thats out of alignment, and is not a advanced bike engine script that compensates for this (most dont) then the bike wont handle as well as it should


so after all that

if possible get a bike that is Modify. So can retrim it yourself. Retrim meaning straightening all the prims and/or adding (linking) own prims to the model to get better balance.

the scripts dont have to be mod, if is menu settings that deals with Traction Grip and that

but if the bike is not Modify then cant retrim the bike itself to set up exactly for your self to ride

so dont buy it is my recommend if is NoMod. No matter how cool it looks, or how awesome does the engine sound (:








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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2144 days.

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