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Omega applier for TMP?

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Clelia Vyper wrote:

let's suppose you do not use a networked redelivery or update system. 


That's what we are going to assume?

How many people have you met that sell single items by the thousands yet do not  use a networked redelivery or update system? 





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Following your logic even the external servers like Hippo, CasperVend, the Chung Estates servers where they store the rentals informations, and many other vital servers offering core SL services can fail and become useless.

You also forgetting a small detail. The TMP system writes the word 'The End' to body textures copybotting (or better, it makes it useless). Thieves can't apply stolen textures on a TMP mesh body because appliers can only be packaged by approved designers. Contrarly, Omega system is accessible to everyone hence could be let's say 'theft-friendly'. I mean every resident can get the Omega kit and create an applier to apply a stolen texture they got somewhere and apply it to any Omega compatible body part.

You also forgetting TMP includes many body skins as bonus in different tones with the mesh body, which they are quite good already (almost the same bodies on sale few years ago at TheBodyCo for 1500L$ each). Others don't offer them or they only include pretty bad stock skins.

Stop hating what you can't afford or you don't want to pay for. Yes it's 10000 L$ (around 40 Dollars) to get a Deluxe TMP Body + a Deluxe Head and in my opinion is correctly priced. And best of all, nobody really needs them! You can live with your system head and body if you wish, or go for cheaper solutions.

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I just stick with things that work with Omega. 

I was burned badly with TMP. Spent over 17K getting the deluxe head body etc.. Hell you even have to pay for the eyebrows.. 

Then I was told that even though I am a designer they won't allow me to add my own scars and tattoos (essentialy my defining features that make me.. me.. )


1 They wont allow people to use appliers if they are not designers you have to buy everything not allowed to customise on your own.

2. When I pointed out I am a designer that appled 3 months ago for the creator kit they simply said they had a waiting list. 

3 When I asked them if are they planning to do so in the future they said yes but could not give me a date.

So.. to sum up.. I threw 17.5 k down the drain..

Last message I got after I said to them that saying the deluxe range can support two tattoos then not giving me the tools to add the tattoos is false advertising..


"Sorry we dont do refunds.":manfrustrated:



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1373 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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