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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

Hippie Bowman

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Gosh, so those American ladies seem to be able to kick the ball. I'm impressed.

So why do they have to play baseball with a silly great ball  bowled underarm? Sexist?

BTW If you haven't seen it, go and see 'Bend it Like Beckham'. A great movie. Starring a rather pretty young lady called Keira something....


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valerie Inshan wrote:

Yup Hippie, the parade was this morning. No need to say I watched it on TV, too crowdy. :smileyvery-happy:


/me has a thought for these poor guys cleaning horse **bleep** after the show.... :smileytongue:

Ahh Val!  Good morning!  Today huh?  Far out!  Yes those poor *bleep* cleaner uppers.  LOL!  Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it! 




Happy Bastille day to ya!



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Hi everybody! I was hoping to be the first to mention it but  you guys just get up too early. Since I noticed that Val had wished all us Amis a happy Independence Day I wanted to wish her a Happy Bastille Day. For some reason the forum is fighting me and won't accept my perfectly good youtube link. Maybe I can just paste it.

It's one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies. If the b-girl with the tears in her eyes doesn't get to you a little you probably cannot be gotten to ;-).

Vive la France!



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