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What is the current land price per square meter

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There's no 'general' price.

It heavily depends on location. What will drive the price up is if the plot is:
- next to a linden road
- next to linden water
- next to sailable water (the more sims you can access the better)
- double prim land (that will make the price insane)
- old mainland where you can tera form 40m +/-
- decent neighbourhood. No fugly builds and such.

One will drive the price up,more than one of the above? Yeah.

Other than that mainland goes for 1L/sqm for spots that aren't attractive,most people just abandon their land then as it won't even get sold at 1L/sqm

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landbots grab things irrespective of price almost, depending on location.

Been outbid by them on several land auctions that ran at over 10L$ per meter (yes, I kept bidding them up, though tbh I'd not have bid them up to more than what I was prepared to pay myself).

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