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Major UPDATE ON Spamming and capping your IM chat (LOC chat is Blank)

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I made a post just the other day under this link.




OK here what I found out how to stop this . After reading the forums all day n night and loads of sugar I fig it out .


This is a spamming object that is not on your avatar or on your land. Blocking a griefer is a way to stop it ..but if you do not know who it is you will have to hunt it. What happens is that your LOC chat screen goes Blank it is one line that says the objects name and maybe a few dot or a line of something . Then a lot of blank lines so that you can not see anything on your screen . This line blinks once and it is gone.


So to be able to see your LOC chat you have to go in Away/Unavailable mode and scroll back up to the top of LOC chat and you will see your list of friends showing then, then slowly scroll down and till you see the line of spam.


Then rt ck that object

[09:12] Second Life: . :


A box will open up and you will see the owner of it and were it is in-world. At this point file a AR on that person and get a few things of info in were the object is . If not just go there and screen shot it ( you may have to turn on transparency “CTRL-ALT-T “ to see it) file your AR there on that person.


Now when I tracked it down I found 21 boxes with 21 different peoples name on them and looking in the contents I found a few more names and I block them all.


The thing is that this person or group set themselves up in land that has full rezz rights and no auto return and at 4000m so they are not noticed.


You have to block/mute the owner of the object to stop all this . Here what is crazy I found the maker of the scripts that they are using and they have a store and make custom scripts .My ? Is that why is it ok for pepole to make griefing scripts and sell them to hurt others . We should be able to report them. As it is like making a biological bomb that is meant to hurt people, Why even make a script like that ?


OK so in CLOSING if you have a ? on how to stop this find me In world and if you want the list of the name on the boxes I found, just ask me I see it as only helping spread the word who they are so we can get the word out there who to block so it takes power away from them .


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Congratulations on tracking down your problem and overcoming it!

One minor note: The account shown as creator of a griefing script is almost never the person who wrote the script. There are creators who openly distribute scripts that can be used for griefing, but more often, full-perm script assets from legitimate content creators (including Lindens) are simply used by griefers as a place to paste the crap they copy from the web or wherever. Hence, it's usually just a distraction to file an AR on the creator-of-record of a script  or object that's used for griefing; that creator rarely had anything to do with it.

(Creators and especially scripters may want to think twice about ever distributing anything full-perm, just to avoid this confusion. If you ever do so--and I have--it's too late, the stuff is out in the wild, and there's no longer much point in stopping.)

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Very true about what you said as far as it being full perm . Im my list of people I blocked the ones who on the boxesand did not block the maker of the script, as like you said they were just the maker .



And yes I did make a new Tread because this I feel is very impotent for people to know as I found several one on this subject about no real fixes or telling any one how to fix its my choose to help other ya should show some support to it.

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While its true that you can just abuse report the owner let me mention a known exploit here for chat spammers which can't be blocked, and will often supposedly leave the owner to Nobody.

1. Create a Rez Script to Rez object in world.
2. Create another object, with a spammer script in it, set UUID of person you want it to spam.
3. Stick this script inside of the parent object and have it fixed to Delete itself very fast.

Supposedly this type of spammer can't be muted, and is a knwon spamming script however it might also be done another way I am not sure if its possible with LSL but fixing it to change object name, what I do know is that the asset ID of the child object always changes names, or ID on REZ so its impossible ot mute even if the owner is blocked. This could also be done by using a Linden Prim based on rumors I have no idea it true or not.

I do know that the spammer works based on chat, dialogue, and objects and cant be muted, blocked, or ignored without setting viewer to not accept any dialogue or anything, I have seen these in use in the sandbox at times, and was hit by one a couple of times.

In addition keep aware that when you report someone you could be reporting someone totally innocent who doesn't know anything about it, Do you know that I have came across freebie items in Second Life which have a chat spamemr script in it and the newbie doesn't know this but is like ah a cool sword or something uses it for RP, and doesn't realise its got a chat spammer in it hands it to others and before you know it you have a massvie DDOS of chat spam going to X Person or persons because of it.

So do keep in mind this when you report someone that sometimes they don't even know they are griefing, I always check profiles and such before reporting someone just incase they have no idea.

I don't post this here for people to abuse it either but maybe some experienced scripters can test it and help make second life a griefer free place.

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