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britt Garnet

Can't log in viewer saying unable to connect to a simulator


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I hate dummping the whole load of hay at once, but it's hard to know exactly what your problem is without more information, so here goes .....

At times, when attempting to log in, you will get a message like “Unable to connect to simulator”. Unfortunately, this message can be the result of several different things. This page covers some of the more common - and more rare - cases when this might occur.

  • Your Internet Connection is Down Check whether you are able to connect to the 'net using a web browser; try to use it to visit a known website. If that fails, then the first thing to try is to unplug your modem/router for at least a full minute, then once plugged back in, allow then to go through startup, after which reboot your computer. If after this you are still unable to connect to the Internet with a web browser, you will probably need to contact your ISP to have your connection checked.
  • Your Router and/or Modem has Problems Repeat the same things as above.
  • Your Firewall is Preventing the Connection Try disabling your firewall software completely and then try to log in again. If you are successful, then you need to allow the viewer access through the firewall. Some tips on how to do that are here.
  • Buildup of Open Notifications It is possible for a buildup of too many notifications to cause Firestorm to disconnect during or shortly after login. If you experience such disconnections repeatedly on Firestorm, then follow the instructions under “Firestorm Logs Out During Login” here.
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Issues Users of Firestorm may get “Unable to connect to simulator”, or a message specifically saying that there are issues with the DNS. In that case refer to this page for how to proceed.
  • Region is Down It is possible that the region you are trying to log into is down. So try again but select a different region name at the log in screen. Some regions you can try: Hippo Hollow, Aich, Hatton, Pooley.
    There are a few more rare possibilties, but these cover most of the waterfront.
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I just got the same message. I was on moments before I logged out to do a few things. When I went to login again, that message appeared.

It's not a you issue. It's an SL issue. If it's on your end, you get a completely different message.

You get that message because the region is restarting or SL is doing maintenance.

It has NOTHING to do with you, if you get that message.

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3 minutes ago, Jane4678 said:

I cant  log into second  life... why?

According to the grid status there are no current problems.  Have you tried logging into a different region.  You can change the log in location in the viewer.  Try typing in Furman.

You dont say what message you get when trying to log in and it failing.

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