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  1. I just got the same message. I was on moments before I logged out to do a few things. When I went to login again, that message appeared. It's not a you issue. It's an SL issue. If it's on your end, you get a completely different message. You get that message because the region is restarting or SL is doing maintenance. It has NOTHING to do with you, if you get that message.
  2. I am looking for a full sim to rent for a day. It would be for an event for a Christian club. The DJ has a huge building that calls for a full sim. So if we could rent a full sim for even a few hours, that would be great. We would promote and let our VIPs know how great the owner is and possibly help rent more land for whoever we rent from. :) If all goes well, we would want to do this maybe once every month or every other month, depending the price. If anyone is interested in renting out a full sim for a day or a few hours, please contact me in world (laalaakatie resident.) Thanks!!
  3. I know a few who get offline messages still. Some avatars are under 6 months old too. And I still get offline messages from groups I was in on my old av. Which is weird since I deactivated it over 2 years ago. I did try to log into the website once just to see if I could opt out of the emails. But it was not found. I kind of wish they would bring that back.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. And just fyi, I made the font big for me, I forgot to make it smaller.
  5. Hi, I know this is a few years ago. But I have been researching. Honestly, in certain things, I would think, copybotting is ok. And though I have said "certain things," I should clarify on this 1 and obvious thing. I DO NOT agree with the ripping/stealing part. I'm talking about already paid for things you have in your inventory. If you are just using things for personal use and, again, have paid for it. You have over 100k of items in your inventory. You've been on SL for 10 years.... How do you ask permission from everyone? Especially if some are no longer in SL anymore? These are all, if you have to make a new avatar. Not everything you buy is transferrable. If they're 10l-50l some won't mind paying for that again. But it does add up. And, what if you have a 30,000l boat or something in the thousands? Is it fair to have to buy again just because you have a new avatar? Why you have it is a valid question to of course. But, I mean, throughout the years I have had numorous avatars due to being harassed and stalkers. So in those situations, I would think it would be ok to get all the things you paid for, back. It's sad that I had to spend double my money on things I had for years. But, if I knew about copybotting, tbh, I may have used it. Or had to really think and pray about it. I lost so much stuff due to, the businesses were no longer around. I just had to count it all as a loss. Once you find a hair or dress or house you absolutely love, you're gonna wanna keep using it. I've spend probably over thousands of usd money due to that. As much as I don't think it's right for a business to get ripped off, I don't think it's fair for the buyer to have to get ripped off either. And having to pay over and over again. It just isn't fair. And I know, it's hard to know if the person is being honest or not. But, in my case, the businesses that are still in SL, I have been in contact with my favorite ones. So they know it's me. And those businesses have accomidated me. But how do you draw a line between it's just personal to its oooh I'm gonna make some money off of these people on another grid? I mean, if it's for personal use and you have paid for it. I would think it would be ok. IDK maybe that's just me. Also, on opensim, there are a few scripts to clone your inventory and avatar. Who's to say there's not a script like that in SL? I'm not trying to get someone to justify copybotting. I guess I'm just asking opinions too. I'm not sure what I would do if I still have my computer I had 10 years ago. I had no icloud or cdrom. No backup sites. So how would I be able to back up my things I made? I think in that senerio, copybotting would be in good use. I would hate to use those viewers and get in trouble for stealing my own stuff. lol I guess in that case, contacting LL would be ideal. Anyways, what's your opinion? Would you use a copybot viewer for personal use? For your items? Or what? *PS.* I made the font smaller.*
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