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Announcing the New Year, New You! Image Contest

Linden Lab



An Image is Worth a thousand words – and sometimes it can be worth L$5000, too! Out with the old and in with the new – show off your dramatic Second Life makeovers with a before-and-after picture that highlights a new look you will be rocking this year in Second Life. There will be one grand prize winner (L$5000) and three runners-up (L$1000 each). Think of all the shopping you can do with that kind of allowance!

For all the details on prizes and how to enter, please read the "New Year, New You!" Picture Contest Wiki page.

We’re excited to bring this new contest feature to the Second Life community, and we hope you enjoy it!

How to participate: Take a before and after image of your virtual makeover and upload it on the contest page. It’s as easy as taking your before snapshot and placing it on a prim, then stand in front of it with your new look and taking another snapshot, or stitching together two images – one of you before your Second Life makeover, and one after. Save the image to your computer so you can upload your submission for the contest

How to vote: Entries will be posted from Jan. 11 through Jan. 18, 2012. You can vote at any time for your favorite, but you only get one vote. To vote for your favorite, simply hit the Kudo button on the page of your choice.

For some tips on how to take good pictures in Second Life, take a look at the Knowledge Base article.

Good Luck!  May the best “New You” win!


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You need to be registered with the community to participate in the contest.

Scroll up to the top of this page. The register button only appears if you are signed out. If you are signed in, sign out, come back to this page, click Register and sign in again. You are now registered with the community and can participate in the contest.

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Hi MaeveKeavy,


Were you able to enter once you registered, if you were not already registered?




~Xiola Linden

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I apparently don't have permission to post media to this contest, even when I registered for the community/logged on >:(

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  • Community Manager

Hi BixxiBunny

The contest is open until January 18th, 12 Noon (PST).  If you are logged into the community,  you should be able to click  here to find the contest page. Then click the New Entry button to upload an image.    Thank you!

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Hi Jhasmine

Each person is only allowed to vote one time.  Once you do vote, the ability to vote on other entries disappears.

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Hello everybody,

I'm sorry to disturb you but I need to ask you something: anyone knows how to post the image on the contest board? I mean I don't know if the contest is still on for posting a pic. I tried the new entries button but it says to me I can't post things here...So, I wonder if the contest is only dedicated to PREMIUM members or not...or there's something missing in what I should be expected to do.

Please help me if you can, and THANKS in advance!


Mirto Slade


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A first friend voted for me and it was ok, but now my others can't and have this message " you can't give kudos by this post".

Thank you to help me !!


Lilyan Arcana

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I tried to enter, but it won't let me upload an image, it say's "Upload"  then theres a button that say's "Insert image" but I can't click it....

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@Lilyan and Jhasmin

Each person can only vote one time.  As soon as they place a vote, the kudo option will no longer function for them.  Hope that helps!  

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Lexie ty again, but i know that one person can vote one time........but i receveid votes from different persons,but........nothin happened.................i have still 5 votes :(

                                                                         Hugs to all and ty again LL for this magic world


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I've logged on to the community, but the new entry button is muted and mousing over brings up the message "Sorry, you do not have the permission to post media to this contest."  I tried logging off and logging back on again, but still no luck. :(

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Hi Lexie and thank you, but all those who have left a comment have also clicked on kudos without result ... it's easy to see the difference between the number of comments and the number of kudos.

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I'm having a hard time to be able to submit my entry, Im registered in the community, for a long time, i signed off, clicked register from this page, signed in, and still i cant submit.. what am i doing wrong?


edit: just got a message changing my community status, problem solved

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