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‘Tis the season to be grateful! Share the love with your Second Life family by trading stories about the things that makes Second Life so special — each other! What are you grateful for? Did someone help you when you were a noob? Did someone show you a cool, new place in-world? Or, did you receive a comment that just made your day? Did you find support in an in-world community or discover a group that works to promote the health and welfare of others?

Check out the Gratitude Guest Bloggers today, Dec. 13 and tomorrow, Dec. 14, for inspiring stories of goodwill and gratitude in-world! You may also find some heartwarming stories in the forums, or be inclined to share your own stories there. Share your own special stories and read about the experiences of other Residents who have felt the love in SL through the spirit of gratitude.


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One day I was roaming my SIM and I had someone show up that really surprised me.  I built my 1st sim for just me and wanted to see what I could do or how I could expand my RL business by using SL.  This person, a well known and very caring person had been someone I had admired for some time spent a good part of the day looking at the things I had created.  Mind you I had only been in game for a couple of months by now and though I loved to create, had studied graphics arts as my undergrad, I was pretty taken that this person liked my build and said he saw potential.

About a month later he IM'd me again and ask if I would be interested in building a sim for him.  Since he knew a lot of people in SL, I thought this would be a great opportunity to challenge myself while doing something I loved for real money.

I then set out to create the Bangkok Island sim which later sold and has since gone offline but at the time, his energy and thoughtfulness combined with the knowledge he shared with me made SL a completely different experience.

He is still one of my best friends in RL and I have had many opportunities to do other business outside of SL as well getting to know him and his fantastic family.  In fact many of my best RL friends I have met in SL.

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11 years ago, my son was kidnapped from me. I found him on facebook, and he had just joined secondlife. it was in sl I was finally able to give him a hug after 11 years of not seeing him> This saturday, i will be able to hug him IRL as well!.

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