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Coming to a (Beta) region near you - big changes to Voice!

Linden Lab


We have some exciting news to share – Second Life is implementing support for WebRTC Voice!

What does this mean for you, our Residents?

  • higher quality audio for voice
  • improved security
  • removes external dependency on third party provider for voice
  • simple setup from behind firewalls, private networks
  • enables greater control of Voice from Second Life
  • WebRTC features, including: audio device selection, stereo audio, noise reduction, automatic gain control, echo cancellation and more!

We look forward to WebRTC Voice being available grid-wide and supported in our default Viewer, but only after feedback and hardening while deployed to the Beta Grid (Aditi).

Note, peer-to-peer voice calls, ad hoc voice calls, and group call behavior don’t rely on the Voice settings of the region. On the new viewer, incoming calls always work. Outgoing calls from the new viewer are WebRTC and won’t be received by the old viewer.

Interested in hearing these improvements for yourself? Download this early-in-development Viewer from here (scroll down to Roadmap) and go to these regions on Aditi WebRTC enabled regions on Aditi.

  • webRTC1 - secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/webRTC1/128/128/23
  • webRTC2 - secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/webRTC2/128/128/23

If you’re a developer and interested in integrating these changes into your project, go here https://github.com/secondlife/viewer/tree/webrtc-voice and see the documentation here.

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