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Moving From Jira, Pt. 3

Linden Lab


Friendly Greetings!

As mentioned in our Pt. 2 blog post, we are excited to announce that the process of providing an archive of the Second Life Jira BUG project on GitHub is now complete! 

You can find the public BUG archive at https://github.com/secondlife/jira-archive/issues. The archive currently contains most of the previously public Jira tickets from the original Jira BUG project. However, there are some edge cases that we are still in the process of migrating. It does NOT include tickets that previously had restricted access.

We encourage you to use the Second Life Feedback Portal for any new bug reports or feature requests. Your feedback is crucial to our ongoing efforts to improve Second Life, and the feedback portal provides a convenient platform for you to share your thoughts and insights.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we work to enhance the Second Life experience. The migration to feedback.secondlife.com signifies our commitment to fostering a more collaborative and efficient environment for everyone in the Second Life community: providing feature request voting, a public roadmap, tighter integration into the engineering process, and more.

Thank you and see you on the Grid!

Second Life Team

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