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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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Strawberry Linden

"A benefit of being a premium member in Second Life is you get to choose a Linden Home.  There are several themes to choose from, the very latest being Chalet Homes, so I decided it was time for a change and give up my Linden Houseboat and get one of the new ones. I really enjoyed decorating this one and so pleased how its turned out as sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to keep within the 351li allowance, but I did it with some to spare! I hope you enjoy the tour of my linden home" Click to watch the video on YouTube.

Strawberry Linden

"Join the biggest virtual rally in the world! Supporting and encouraging even more modernization of SL's image and for SL to be imbued with even stronger vision and sense of ambition

To join the rally, get inworld, join the group "Virtual Existence Society" and on June 22, 2021 at 10:00 PM SLT, the eve of Second Life's 18th anniversary, society officials will give out props, materials and landmarks through group notices for the rally which will be conducted on the public roads of SL's mainland (Waterhead region and surrounding areas)" Click to watch video on YouTube.

Strawberry Linden

"It's been 4 months since the first video I made about BOM. People are still following that video as guidance to their transition to BOM. While, it's a great video with lots of useful information still, there are things that have changed and here is a new video to show you the upgrades that have happened these past 4 months." Click over to watch the video on YouTube.

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