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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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Strawberry Linden

Angelus van Engelen - 2.png

"After I expanded my land and started Dutch estate in January this year, little may seem to have changed. But appearances can be deceptive. Of course, the old idea of a small-scale polder landscape remains. But every day I work on small improvements and sometimes I decide that something more substantial needs to change.  For those who like it, I keep track of these changes in a journal." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

Mainland Tour - 3.png

"BAY CITY opened its doors back in 2008 to offer the grid an "art deco" themed, American urban experience, and was created by the well-known Moles within the Linden Department of Public Works. For more than two decades, Bay City is not only a highlight on the grid but also a very active community until today. In celebration of the upcoming 14th anniversary on May 15, we visit Bay City to visit public historical sites and learn something about its diverse past." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

Three Girls in SL - 2.jpg

"Just to put a preface on this…myself (Lia) and Fenny grew up at a time when EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was still in the throes of the “Great Split”. Late 80’s through the 90’s the original techno and dance scene was splintering into all sorts of different styles of house, dance and club and myself and fenny followed a lot of those branches into what today is all lumped into the heading of “EDM”. So, as you can expect, knowing the full history of EDM going back to the time of the late 80’s into the splintering of the 90’s we can both become the “Statler and Waldorf” muppets when it comes to reviewing a general EDM club." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

"My Friend Swatchz Quan Graphics Designer/ Professional Car And Furniture Builder - Owner of Intense Auto - Part Owner of Billionaire Motors, has been very busy lately making this place for his Friend. I'm so privileged to get to Explore it first. This will be a long stream, so buckle up with backpacks and beverages ️ I hope you are free for some fun tonight." Watch the video on YouTube.

Strawberry Linden

Ellie's Virtual World Universe - 2.jpg

"Ever wonder what a storybook fairytale feels like when you’re actually experiencing it? Longing Melody is a beautifully crafted and well put together  community of woodland creatures living out their daily lives can only make you smile. The adventure starts at a dock with a small marketplace but as you go deeper into the sim there is so much more to explore." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

Three Girls in SL - 1.jpg

"When it comes to “General” rated clubs in Second Life who play a mix of modern top 40 pop all the way down to hits from the 70’s, who also have practically full 24/7 coverage of DJ’s and hosts and who have been on the go in SL for more than a decade and are still busy pulling in more than 60 to 70 people during peak UK and US hours, few of them can compare to Muddy’s." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

imetMeta - 2.jpg

"Ellingson National Forest offers everything you could ever hope for during a weekend hiking trip. Rugged trails navigate lush forests on their way to tall waterfalls raging just a few feet from each other. Song birds fill the air with their melodies around park benches placed at the forest’s most iconic sites. At night, the trails are illuminated by the soft glow of lightning bugs. And you can explore it all without ever leaving home. Why? Because Second Life recently sanctioned a segment of their Ellingson region as a virtual national forest." Read more on the blog.

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