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Luane Meo : Luanes World - Le Monde Perdu - Spring 2024

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Luanes World - Le Monde Perdu - Spring 2024

"On the banks of the rivers, the flowers bloom, dance lightly,

And the trees, in green clothes, swing freely.

The wind blows over the hills and crosses the valley,

The days grow longer, the light stretches, hearts blossom,

The buds burst, the scents mingle, nature is nourished.

Spring, gentle messenger, whispers to us promises of love,

And in our souls, it awakens dreams, hopes, every day.

So, let us be carried away by this enchanted season,

Where everything is reborn, where everything is possible, where life is reinvented,

Spring, you who chase away shadow and melancholy,

We welcome you with joy, with gratitude, with poetry. ♥"

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