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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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"Raglan Shire is the home of the Tinies, but artists (and visitors) of all sizes are welcome at the event, which extends over several regions and features the work of over 130 artists working in all kinds of media. The bulk of the display of 2D art is held in a giant tree with a maze of hedges on which the art is mounted. There are also sculpture gardens for 3D works and interactive exhibits." Read more on the blog

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The Gazette - 18.jpg

"In recent announcements, Linden Lab outlined its vision for integrating AI into the Second Life® platform, aiming to enhance user experience and streamline various functionalities. While this technological advancement holds exciting potential, it also raises important questions about the future of mentoring within the virtual world, especially concerning the invaluable contributions of human mentors." Read more on the blog

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Simurg - June 2024

"Located within the north-west corner of a Full private region  which has been sub-divided into a series rental parcels, and which leverages the Land Capacity bonus, Simurg occupies a little under 4096 sq metres and is held by Lintu (KorppiLintu). It is offered as public space for visitors and photography, redressing it to suit the season and / or to offer different themes. The iteration I visited at the start of June 2024 carried the sub-title Ancient City, and contained a mix of ancient history wrapped with a touch of fantasy mythology." Read more on the blog

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Whatever sprinkles Your donut

"Laerka’s “Whatever Sprinkles Your Donut” made me laugh because its liberating message with donuts reminded me that ten years and one month before the Stonewall Riots commemorated in #Pride month, the purported first gay uprising took place at a donut shop in Los Angeles. Donuts were thrown! And like Stonewall, it was led by people who are trans and by drag queens. So, let's never forget the letter T in the liberation alphabet." Read more on the blog

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