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Xiola Linden


"Treat yourself and your friends with a board filled with delicious Christmas cookies and hot chocolate from Aphrodite Shop! Touch the board to change wood texture, touch the cookies for menu of cookies or drink that will temp attach to your hand with eating/drinking animation. The Christmas Cookies Board is a new release and you can find it at the Aphrodite mainstore."

More on Sander's blog.

Xiola Linden


"This year, BVN put a call out to all her member bloggers and vloggers to take part in a Collaboration Challenge.  Being someone who struggles to get off her platform and meet new people, I signed up for it.  I had no clue who I would be paired up with and honestly, as nerve wracking as that can be for me, it was also a big part of the excitement in taking part in this challenge."

Read more on the Blended Beauty Blog.

Xiola Linden


"I wrote something about my idle musings for the day, and it’s far longer than this will be. It was angry and unkind and I very likely sounded rather whiny. Plus, I’m far too conflicted about certain things. And honestly? I feel like somethings need to be kept to myself, and this is one of them.

I should be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow."

Read the style credits on the Tapas and Clothes blog.

Linden Lab

"Hey Robins, Its the last month of the year and time for us to get ready for the winter holiday season. I wanted to take this time not only to make my home feel festive but to also reflect on this year and projections towards my future in Second Life™ for 2020. Join me for a light chitchat and decorating for the Christmas season. XOXO -Quin"

Quincy Robin's YouTube has an update!


Linden Lab


"Good morning folks! I’m already late for work, but I had to post this today and get it out of the way. I have been spamming you with Arcade posts lately but can you blame me? There are so many goodies in this current round and only 20 days left for you to go check them out. I’m sporting some of them today so take a look below for all the details and enjoy your shopping!"

Read more on the Virtuality blog.


Linden Lab


"While it has yet to open to the public once more, The Babel presents a musical construct of boxes, elements and levels. Each box is a sound – an instrumental or vocal note or chord – which is played when touched. Some will play once when touched, others work on a toggle – they will play until touched again. These boxes are arranged in musical elements, with the lowermost boxes in an element representing bass notes or chords, and the boxes above containing percussion or melody elements. By touching the boxes in an element you can create various harmonies. It’s a place I last visited shortly before it was first retired from Second Life in (if I recall correctly) 2013; as such it is a place I’m looking forward to revisiting once it re-opens to the public."

Click here to read the full article on Inara Pey's blog.

Linden Lab


"2019 marks the 10th Edition of 2Lei’s annual campaign to raise awareness of the plight of women the world over who face violence – physical, sexual and psychological – on a daily basis. The event, mixing art, music and talks, runs through November and December each year. I’ve already provided an introduction to this year’s Edition (see: No Violence! the 2Lei 10th edition in Second Life), and wanted to take a little time to focus down on the largest collection of art within the event, which can be found at the Black Label Exhibition Corner and urban city."

Click here for the full article on Inara Pey's blog.

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