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i was wondering would amd radeon hd 7640g graphics run well on ultra in sl?

I am looking to buy an amd quad core a8 accelerated processor with radeon hd 7640g graphics (15'6 4gb ddr3 640gn) hp laptop so far i tried an asus i5 with intel hd graphics 4000 and couldnt even run sl on medium.

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Search results indicate the 7640g is an integrated graphics card. I don't believe it will run on Ultra.


The graphic card for that pc looks something like this




A higher performance Graphics card looks something like these




You can use a search engine, to view images, of the card a pc has.


You may be able to add a better card to the Laptop, idk.


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I don't know all that much about hardware. I research when I get ready to buy again *wink*. But this page which I found easily in search  suggests that it would not be good. The card is based on the 6900 series (I have a HD 6950 which will easily run two avatars with shadows (on a good sim) and I can still film and have email and such working). (Edited for clarity) The 7640 It is NOT a dedicated graphics card and that is really what you want to be looking for. I have an older notebook with a shared card and can run Singularity on LOW BARELY Smiley Very Happy . Better than nothing in a pinch, but ----

When I first came into SL I had an HP 17 inch notebook (then very new and very pricey (maybe $1700)). It worked fine but SL was much less graphic intensive then. We didn't even have Windlight. I gave up my notebooks for a desktop with a 27 inch monitor and no router. I am a very happy gal now. You can get SL to work well on a notebook, but I am guessing it will need to be a spendy one. 

Hopefully someone that keeps up with hardware will write also.


ALSO see this post not far below yours:

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Listen to Chic.  She's got it right.  Notebooks in general are problematic for SL, in large part because they rely on integrated graphics chips like the HD 7640g and the HD 4000 instead of using a replaceable graphics card that way desktop machines and higher end laptops do.  The quality of integrated chips has been improving, but they all have a power saving mode that is designed to save battery life by switching to low-quality graphics when you do simple things like e-mail and web browsing.  The problem is that they tend to get stuck in that low quality mode and not switch back when an application like SL demands it.  Search these forums and you will find many complaints from people who are trying to use machines that were truly designed for general office work and watching YouTube videos, but can't handle SL.  If you plan to spend time in SL, get a good machine with a good graphics card.

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Second Life hasnt updated their Graphics card requirements in years

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Nope.  I had the same question, because I was drooling over examining the Acer Aspire V3-551-0469 notebook, which is for saie at Tiger Direct for under $400.  But it has the same graphics card you're asking about, and several hardware sites on the Web say that it's NOT a dedicated memory graphics card, really - 512 Mb memory (which they claim for the card) isn't going to help out much on Ultra mode in SL with recent viewers and recent sims in SL.

I use a range of notebooks in SL, and the only one that really gives good graphics speed up to Ultra is our Gateway NV7901u, the NV79 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 dedicated graphics with 1GB graphics memory.  That one gives you play in all speed levels of Second Life that looks BETTER than SL's still pictures in their ads.  Everything else in the house is various low end Dell hardware with integrated graphics of various sorts.

My housemate glommed on the NV7901u at Micro Center at an after-Christmas sale for under $400, a deal I've never seen again (sigh)

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I know this is a very old thread but there may still be people out there wondering what will and won't work.. a year ago I bought the ACER v3-551-8469.


Here are the specs:

amd quad-core Processor A8-4500M with Turbo Core Technology up to 2.80GHz

AMD Radeon HD 7640G with 512 MB Graphics System Memory

8GB Ram

500GB HD


I am still new to sl and don't know what you mean by ultra exactly. Initially i was having overheating problems with my computer. but I found a trick online to lower the running temp of the graphics card and now I don't have any issues unless i have a space heater aimed at me while online. Keep in mind, this is a laptop for anyone who hasn't figured that out yet.


As far as I know my view is running at default settings. I can run more than one viewer at a time if I want to. Sometimes I run SL viewer beside Firestorm. Sometimes two instances of Firestorm.

The trick was to go into powersaver settings on the computer and set them to conservative levels...I can't remember the specific settings now but if anyone needs to know feel free to send me a message and I will look them up for you. I also installed SpeedFan... its a free program that gives you a temp gauge in your tray and lets you know when things are getting too hot.