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  1. Just go to http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ that will tell you if they are doing any maintenance that may cause you to not able to log into SL.
  2. Just want to know if anyone can give me some advice to where I can go to build my own comp paying least amount of money? I know its ridiculous question to ask cause I know either way isnt no way to build a comp that is cheap. I just do not know where to go where people can help me build one.
  3. Just want to know if the Nvidia GT Series work well for SL as in running on Ultra settings without having any issues. I do know that GS<GT<GTX and that the higher the number is latest and better ones.
  4. ASUS F75VD-EB51 Notebook Intel Core i5 3210M(2.50GHz) 17.3" HD+ 6GB DDR3 Memory 750GB HDD 5400rpm DL DVD+/-RW / CD-RW NVIDIA GeForce GT 610M this is what im considering to get so if anyone who knows about this pls help me out thanks
  5. just a simple yes or no would of been fine....
  6. I heard that nvidia gtx 560m would run well in sl on ultra settings is that true?
  7. ok I did say that I dont know much but what i am questioning is why did you feel u need to mention it again? I apoligize if im reading it wrong but just feels like ur degrading me because i dont know much? Also i am not looking to build a system dont know even how to begin starting one. if my question was not good enough to ask then maybe you should tell me what i need to ask to make it more suitable to your liking? in addition, I am learning that there are more ways to elarn then just go by just reasearching it yourself asking questions is also a way to learn.
  8. In my recent post i keep hearing notebooks are probably not best suited so can someone please tell me what kind of laptops are suitable for it?
  9. like i mentioned you guy know more than i do but i do apoligize if i happen to read what u wrote in a wrong way but you saying, "That says to me that you really don't know what a graphics processer is. There's shame in not knowing that but you asked for specific.........and I can't be specific if you don't know what you really want to know." didnt think was really necessary. All i want to know is give me what types of amd or nvdia graphic cards will run sl with little or no lag on ultra settings because there are many types of amd/nvidia cards. I am not asking for the best or expensive ones ju
  10. Ok Just want to say thanks for those who answered my questions but it seems you guys know more stuff than i do so I am looking to get a few insights about what specific kind of graphic cards will work best to run sl in ultra settings and have no lag. I am deciding on brands like asus, lenovo, alienware, hp with intel processor. Please be specific if you can if u cant than dont bother to answer this.
  11. CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz (3000.25 MHz) Memory: 2048 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce 8400 GS/PCIe/SSE2 this is my desktop i dont know if this is good or not but only issues i have is that i cant barely move when on ultra graphics and when i fly i seem to be gliding or lagging badly like if i try moving a different direction it still showing im moving that way but actually im moving the way i am pressing also my av jumps to one sim edge to another also my fps ranges to 0-30
  12. Dont do it i just recently brought a laptop with intel hd graphics could only run sl graphics on low everytime i tried to move it up would crash me so returned the laptop it was an asus with an i5 4gb 500gb now looking to find another one but waiting for an answer on amd processors with amd graphics how well it would run in sl
  13. I am looking to buy an amd quad core a8 accelerated processor with radeon hd 7640g graphics (15'6 4gb ddr3 640gn) hp laptop so far i tried an asus i5 with intel hd graphics 4000 and couldnt even run sl on medium.
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