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  1. I am new to creating in SL... my son is teaching me how to use blender. I have the latest version (2.71). I want to download the latest avatar for sl, complete with all the settings that enable fitted mesh. I was sure that I saw a blog about it months ago but I can't find it now. If it wasn't an actual file to download it was at least a list of bones and some data about them so that we could create them ourselves. I'm sure it will be next to forever before I successfuly create something usable in sl but I want to start there.
  2. I don't know what makes you think ANYONE can't do this. The TOS does not police what you post outside of Linden Labs websites. I know chat logs can be altered and faked. She would have to take me to court for slander and then our accounts would be supeonad (that's if the court doesn't throw the case out for being stupid and childish). In any case if they required the original chat logs the courts could get them and they would see that I altered nothing and that her claims of slander would be false. They also would see that what she posted on LL Marketplace, would have amounted to slander since she altered the conversation she posted there. However, LL already removed what she posted there without me even having to send in a report. I am not certain, but I think after she posted it, she tried to report my review of her product and LL did't see anything wrong with my review (because that is still there) but htey did take down her comments that included an altered chat log. So when you used the word "can't" I don't know if you meant that I was incapable of it or that I would get in trouble for it. but whatever the case may be. She whined and moaned to the Lindens plenty, according to her, and they never contacted me at all. I received no warnings, and nothing of mine was forcibly removed from public view.
  3. Hi, I created a group a few weeks ago. I included a link to an external website in the description but the link is dead now. I would like to remove the link and put in an updated one. But I can't find a way to do it. When i go to my groups i click on the group info page and i can edit what is there. but when i look up the group profile on the web, it still shows the original description. Does it take time to process the change I made or is it a separate profile that I need to access somehow to change it?
  4. I'm pretty sure the idea of her being sued is yet another april fools joke. It's not like she was picking on Prince. Then you could believe a lawsuit threat.
  5. Yeah I'm still pretty new here. I did know that the linden team doesn't likely see any of this. But I like to find out if it is an issue just with me or if it is system wide, if it is common or really weird before I make a report. I imagine they get lots of reports from noobs that don't know any better and it just slows down the processes of getting to the more serious attention deserving tickets. But thanks for letting me know how to make a report. since there so many different departments of sl that you have to sign into independently, it gets a little confusing. I mean you have to sign in separately for the forums, the marketplace, the dashboard and the viewer. I've never seen a site or service that required so many separate log ins.
  6. Last night i noticed that I could get group profiles to pop up but the join button was missing from the profile. I asked around with group owners and they confirmed that hte button should be there, but it seemed many people were not able to join due to the button not appearing. Today i can't even get the profiles to load. I click the links to the profiles and nothing happens. Doesn't matter what group i click on. A new group or one I am already in, i cannot get the profle to come up. Is anyone else having this problem? I am on the latest SL Viewer, using windows 8. How do you report something like this to the lindens?
  7. Ren Toxx said: Because many will take that worse than they need to, unless you sugar-coat it with about 15 minutes of detailed, gentle explanation about why you can't at the moment... tiresome, not to mention it kinda defeats the whole point of 'not now'. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I agree with you here. I find that in RL and in SL people whine and complain about wanting the truth but when they get it they say you are mean. They can't have their cake and eat it too. I say deal with people however you like and if you end up with no friends, lucky you. Friends tend to be liabilities anyway. When I don't want to be bothered I have a do not desturb message that goes something like this (it varies upon my mood) "I am not in the mood to deal with people at the moment. Chances are that you are a person. Your avatar may be a furry, a robot, or some other non human form but behind the screen you are some spoon fed emotion driven heap of a mess, also known as a person. And I just cannot be bother to pretend to care about some digital representation of a stranger that I have no interest in ever meeting/knowing in real life. Not that knowing you in RL would have me feeling any more affectionate toward you."
  8. I know this is a very old thread but there may still be people out there wondering what will and won't work.. a year ago I bought the ACER v3-551-8469. Here are the specs: amd quad-core Processor A8-4500M with Turbo Core Technology up to 2.80GHz AMD Radeon HD 7640G with 512 MB Graphics System Memory 8GB Ram 500GB HD I am still new to sl and don't know what you mean by ultra exactly. Initially i was having overheating problems with my computer. but I found a trick online to lower the running temp of the graphics card and now I don't have any issues unless i have a space heater aimed at me while online. Keep in mind, this is a laptop for anyone who hasn't figured that out yet. As far as I know my view is running at default settings. I can run more than one viewer at a time if I want to. Sometimes I run SL viewer beside Firestorm. Sometimes two instances of Firestorm. The trick was to go into powersaver settings on the computer and set them to conservative levels...I can't remember the specific settings now but if anyone needs to know feel free to send me a message and I will look them up for you. I also installed SpeedFan... its a free program that gives you a temp gauge in your tray and lets you know when things are getting too hot.
  9. I bought an item in the marketplace. I liked the item fine except the provided alpha didn't cover all the areas of my avatar that bled through. I was able to make a custom alpha to correct the problem. I hadn't tried the demo first so I didn't feel justified in contacting the vendor and demanding a refund. And since I was able to make an alpha myself I didn't feel it necessary to bother the merchant, especially since her profile said not to send her IMs about the product. I don't know how to send notecards(noob), and to me it really wasn't that important to me. But I left a reasonably favorable review, and even gave hints on how to fix the alpha problem if anyone else had it. But the alpha was still not up to par so I gave the product 3 stars.... It took me several hours of very tedious work to create the new alpha since the mesh was no modify. She then contacted me a few days later chewing me out and even after demonstrating for her with pictures and by TPing her to my location and modeling the shirt as it was originally sold to me, she then said it is my fault it wasn't working because I am fat... My avatar isn't fat.. But to prove a point, even when I make her the fattest she can be the alpha I created fixed the problem. She then said she was going to tell all her designer friends not to sell to me and flagged my review. Ultimately it looks like LL sided with me on the review because it is now back online. Though her comments below it, containing a snippet of a private Im session between us(omitting huge portions of her harassment), was removed. If I had wanted to change the review, is that even possible? She kept insisting it was but I did not see any edit buttons when I logged into my market place>my account> order history> item in question> review. And is this sort of harassment appropriate in SL?
  10. I would think they would still work with the fitted mesh. I don't know if mesh breasts are generally made as phantom objects or not but I would think they would need to be (that's assuming phantom means you can walk through the object like it isn't there) made as phantom so that they don't collide in unpredictable ways with the fitted mesh. And appliers would still be needed for the mesh breasts/butts/tentacles or whatever other unrealistic proportion one would want to use. I personally think the mesh breasts look stupid, but that's just my snobby opinion. and I believe any appearance one would want to have should be reasonably accommodated, no matter how stupid I think it looks.
  11. I don't disagree with you there. The disclaimers would not be considered reasonable notification for any conversation to be recorded. But as it is, if the conversation isn't posted in world... there isn't much LL will likely do. Of course i think if it is some serious hard core harrassment there are antibullying laws out there in some countries/regions that would supercede any LL tos. In my case, i have posted the conversations with this designer because she threatened to slander me to other designers and to show them the conversation. Since she altered the conversation before posting it once already, without my concent or notification and within LL scope of authority, i decided to post the conversation in it's entirety on my own blog. That way people can see everything that was said by both of us and make up their own mind who was out of line. Merchants need to be held to the same standard we would hold brick and morter stores to. And brick and morter stores will record your phone calls to them. To ensure quality of service. I did for the same reason. So people can see the type of customer service she provides and know that I am not lying or making things up.
  12. they can, that's true, but they would lose revenue if htey did that. If they want to make it a violotion to post outside of SL they can do that. I know of plenty of websites that state it in their TOS. They may not be able to delete what you post outside their site but they can terminate their account. LL seems to have already taken a stance on this situation and does not state any warning that they will do such a thing. And sometimes there is a good reason to post a conversation publicly. Like in my case being harrassed by a merchant because I gave them a mediocre review on their product. Especially when that harrassment included threats of false complaints and flagging of the review. I followed the rules though. You can record a conversation if you have a sign blatantly posted in the area hte conversation takes place. And I did. She however did not. She posted a snippet of our private conversation in the comments area of the reviews on market place for the product in question. And she ommitted huge portions of the conversation putting me in a shady slant. Even now she is posting things inworld and on her profile about me, that it seems LL already has warned her about. as it seems one portion of what she posted is a iteration of the policies against harrassment. I didn't even see what she originally posted. They must have just checked her out from her false reports against me.
  13. I hate to break it to all of you who think the TOS is a super barrier of privacy but disclosing conversatios is NOT a violation of TOS if it is not done inworld or SL forums... you can copy and past any conversation from SL you want, as long as you don't repost it inworld or on any SL site. just check the SL wiki on the matter... excerpt below Remote Monitoring Remotely monitoring inworld conversations (text or voice chat) without the knowledge or consent of all parties involved is a violation of the Terms of Service. If you feel recording a conversation is necessary, post a clearly-visible sign in the recording location so that all Residents who enter can see it. Note: If you record a conversation, and someone complains, then the abuse team will determine if you provided sufficient notice to the Residents recorded. Proceed with caution, provide documentation on your efforts to inform all parties they are being monitored, and find a secure area before recording begins. Disclosing private Second Life conversations Sharing or posting a conversation inworld or in the Second Life forums without consent of all involved Residents is a violation of the Terms of Service. NOTE: This does not include posting of chat to social media sites or other websites. Posting such logs on web pages, emailing them, or printing them out and posting them on utility poles in the "real world" -- are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service. ; while that might be illegal, but those laws must be enforced by the proper law enforcement agencies. "Conversation" means text that originally came from Second Life chat or Second Life instant messages. If it's totally unattributed, then it isn't considered disclosure. Additionally, Residents are not punished for sharing or posting a comment such as "Bob Resident said, 'You're the greatest!'"
  14. Yumeni Rieko wrote: Options I hope this doesn't mean that now mesh clothes are going to look like you are wearing a bodysuit and it taking the shape of every curve you have in your body. Just like the breasts of the woman in the video, real clothes don't stick to your breasts like that. They are not supposed to look like the clothes are part of your skin. If a dress is supposed to look loose around your chest area and not take in the whole form of your chest I hope it stays that way and it won't look like you are wearing a very tight bodysuit. ___________________________________________________________________ Well in that case it could be that sizes will still be needed. But that's how it is in real life too. If i buy a shirt that is too small for me.. it does become like a painted on body suit on me.. if i can manage to get it on at all. but you do make a good point. I also wonder if the new fitted mesh will respond to physics... will the fabric of loose fitting clothing move with you? will flowing parts of a dress catch the wind or move with your legs as you walk?
  15. So am I to understand that this will be the end of alphas resizers and receiving 5 standard sizes of an item when you buy it?..... Sounds great considering wearing an alpha isn't much different than editing the shape of your avatar to fit an item. And since i just had a designer chewing me out that I should be willing to change my avatar's shape to fit her clothing rather than her creating an alpha that actually covers all possible bulge points of her shirts, its made me pretty fed up with designers who think they are gods and that they cannot possibly make a mediocre product. .... well not that i have this problem often... actually it has only happened just this one time. But the woman was insane, demanding that i change my review or she would flag it. Then she deleted the product from the marketplace to get rid of my review. Some vendors are just not very honest.
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