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  1. I was afraid of that. No real issues, just have to copy the numbers off by hand. grrr. Thank you both,
  2. Hi! I made a shape a long while back, sent it to an alternate account as "no copy". Now I've retrieved the shape and cannot change its permission to "copy". This is inconvenient because it won't even let me export the body numbers to an .xml file so I can re-create the shape. I am listed on the permissions floater as owner and creator - this is not someone else's work. Any ideas?
  3. For the last few years in Second Life, I've noticed that when I teleport to other people, I rez on top of their heads. Why is that happening?
  4. I just noticed I can't post using the Flickr "floater" in FIreStorm viewer, either. The "Account" button won't let me change the password to the new value (I updated my log-in from Yahoo! last month.
  5. In my Linden Home, ready to go dancing with Cary
  6. On the rooftop of the Chenier Embassy to the Linden Mainlands
  7. Me at Taka no Sakura, the ultimate Japanese sim.
  8. I have more than one alt. In the interest of enhanced security, I use a different password on each. Moreover, I just use one computer, my laptop, for Second Life. But it's an inconvenience, not a tragedy. One that I could easily avoid by purchasing a purse-size notebook and entering each password and username into it, perhaps in the Cyrillic alphabet so casual violations of my privacy are difficult. Moreover, Whirly answered my question - this is a "feature", not a "bug" and its purpose is to bind easy access to our SL accounts to the specific computers we use to access Second Life, w
  9. Thanks, Whirly! I wondered if it was perversity, but actually it's a reasonable precaution to keep SL residents' login information private! And your explanation makes it clear that Microsoft is (as I suspected) entirely responsible for this. I just wish my banking information were this secure.
  10. This isn't (I think, anyway) a real "necro bump" - I've had the exact issue the OP complained of, opening Firestorm to discover my username and password fields blanked and this message box appearing every time Microsoft applies a "major system update" to Windows 10: It just happened again because Microsoft decided to annoy me with more "improved" system apps I'll never use such as "3D Print". The procedure augmeta describes, "1. Close all processes of Firestorm 2. Browse to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64\user_settings\ 3. Delete bin_con
  11. As far as clothing on mesh bodies in general, most legacy stuff that's not sculpty won't show up. Most mesh outfits will. The Maitreya mesh body HUD allows you a new world of alpha customization that will allow you to wear your mesh (without requiring Maitreya appliers) in the size you're used to wearing or one larger. And you can always alpha your entire body out neck-to-feet if you must wear a one-piece outfit with its own skin (though that defeats the entire point of buying a mesh body, there are rare occasions you'd want to - flight suits and other form-fitting wear, pant suit
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