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how do i change a group members role?

How can I change a group members role once I have set it?

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take a looksee here"

Creating, managing, moderating, and disbanding groups

~ and specifically ~

Managing roles and abilities

and even more specifically...

1) Edit your group's Info

2) Roles & Members tab

3) Members tab

4) select the person who you want to add / remove a role to / from

5) Check the role this person is to now have. Uncheck the role this person no longer needs.

6) Press Apply.


Note: 1) All members of your group need to be in the Everyone Role

Note: 2) Once some has the [X] Owner Role, it's for keeps. The only way to have them leave that role is for them to voluntarily leave the group. Please be careful with who you grant Owner Status to.

Note: 3) Always, ALWAYS grant Owner status to yourself and an ALT you own. [We have seen too many people leave their own group with no way to get back in as the owner.]


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