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  1. I have a relative who likes to edit things inside a house, but sometimes this person clicks on the house without realizing it and then deletes it. I have to come to the rescue and rez another copy of the house. Does Second Life have an undo delete key combination to revert to the previous state? I thought ctrl Z would work but it doesn't. Thanks
  2. Curious to know. Does owning property prevent others from using the cam from spying on the inside of buildings? I think that was the point.
  3. Hello Lindal Kidd. I have the same problem as the OP, but my text is too large. You mentioned going to "Preferences/User Interface/2D Interface/UI Scaling" I have the latest version of the Second Life viewer: Second Life Release (64bit), and there is no "User Interface" option when I go to me> preferences. Can you confirm that option is in your version? Thanks.
  4. I'd like to change my avatar to have a middle aged face. Is there any store that offer such a thing? I'd bet there's a lot of middle aged people on 2 Life. I'd rather look my age then wander 2nd Life in some 20 something body.
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