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  1. Glam Affair. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/164/134/24
  2. People talk a lot about copybotting. If you are interested in fighting CB in SL then I suggest you join Flickr and search for groups that deal with copybotting. Just search "Copybot" or variations of it and you'll find groups where people post pictures of copybotted stuff on the MP or even avatars in world. The best thing to do though, is to contact the creator through notecard. I found a MP store once filled with CB hair from all different places. I made a notecard for each and every store that had hairs that I could recognize, and put links to those pages in the notecard, along with a little note for the creator and sent them off. I think I sent about 17 nc's and many creators were very thankful. CB is a serious problem in SL and needs to be talked about so kudos for noticing it.
  3. yessss it is chronokit. its called "Fabre".
  4. yes Leah from Glam Affair is my guess too. My second guess was something from Pink Fuel, can't recall the name. Here is links to GA's ads for Leah http://www.flickr.com/photos/glamaffair/7004450121/in/photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/glamaffair/6858333522/in/photostream
  5. check out MONS they have amazing eyeshadows!
  6. yep, Curio in Sundust. Too dark for Petal. She just retired a bunch of skins though, so It might be gone. If Truth no longer has that hair available, there is one from Magika called Distracted, that is similar. It is prim hair though, not mesh, maybe 14 months old? Still a really cute hair. I'm sure Magika even has one close to that in Mesh now.
  7. Go to Raw House, they should have something for ya.
  8. Gonna throw Glam Affair out there again. They are similarly priced to most of those mentioned above, but right now if you go to the Collabor88 Event, you can pick up a demo for their amazing skin "Margot". It is offered in two different tones atm, Europa and India. Basically you'd be getting one of the best skins in SL for 288L instead of their regular price of, I believe, 999L. Also, if that doesn't suit her fancy, Essences has 3 skins available at The Dressing Room Fusion. I think they are on the pale side though. Otherwise, if you want a skin that is on the tan side (not too tan) but none of the above seem to look good, I would check out Vive9. All of their darker skins are great tones, not orange, not yellow, just tan. Good luck!
  9. Yep, its the lighting. Change your windlight to CalwL or one of the other bright photography windlights as your every day windlight and your nose will look perfect
  10. Is there a way to make it impossible for someone to tp2 in the land settings?
  11. oooo I love Eerie outfits and crazyness! These pictures are amazing and It gets me excited to shop! I have a couple to throw in there : ) I recently bought a new skin from Miasnow and was very pleased with it! I'm usually blonde and pale so this is a big difference! \ And here is a shot from my wedding. You can't tell too much but we had a zombie wedding. You can see the blood splatter on my dress and my hubby, wedding party and I had some sweet zombie skins/layers on. The guests even showed up zombified!
  12. Check these out, somewhat similiar styles: Nylon Outfitters The Sea Hole Action Cupcakes [bubble] Magika (Hair) Lamb (Hair)
  13. Willow Danube wrote: I think a good shop are the ones with partitions in it. I'm not sure if anyone notice the difference but I find textures loads faster if my point of view is somehow blocked by a wall. Probably that's because my viewer isn't trying to load thousands of textures (or 'compute' the next avatar near you) at the same time. You're right. I've researched proven ways to reduce lag in SL, especially in stores and this is one of the ways to do it. By putting up partitions to seperate items or display them, you are giving the computer a chance ot focus on one set of items in front of you, so it doesn't have to load everything behind it. Stores that are one large box with stuff lining the walls seem to be laggier because your computer is working hard to load everything on said wall and you're surrounding view. A good way to combat lag in in a store that does not have partitions is to focus on the wall you want to start with, zoom close so you can see a few of the items displayed, and then move your camera from one end to the next to view everything else. You can cam up floors as well and do the same thing, all while standing in one place. A store should reflect the items being sold in one way or another. If you sell grunge or goth clothing, I'd expect the store to be dark and gloomy, not super modern with asain architecture. I think the way the store is set up says a lot about the products being sold. If the look of the store and the products contradict eachother, I have a hard time believeing products are genuinely inspired. It is definelty ok to be simple and leave decor to a minimum, but you can still reflect your theme of products with the build and textures on the walls. A lot can be said for a low prim store with great texturing. Not only will the themes be believeable, but the shopper experience will be satisfactory when they don't have to spend ten minutes walking around to rezz excessive furniture, sitting areas, plants, etc. Think about it, how less anxiety do you have in RL in a store that is clutter free compared to a store that is buzzing with boxes and stacks and stacks of random items? This rule also applies to SL, and even more so, as in RL we don't have to "Rezz" items to see them, but in SL we sure do. You never know the graphics limitations of your customers, so it is best to keep things simple yet artistic. Easier said then done : ) especially considering the plethera of amazing items in Second Life one could decorate with.
  14. Actually, there are some designers out there who will make custom pieces, its just a matter of finding them. Usually they will charge a lot for the item, as its custom and they won't be making any more moeny off of it. But some will ask if they can sell it, though I doubt they will give you any profit, but they might name it after you! As for surf/beach apparel check out Action and Action Surf and Skate. They are dual stores together and in world you'll find some great apparel and accesorries. Online they don't sell as much apparel. here is a link to their apparel site: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/17961?search%5Bcategory_id%5D=3&search%5Bmaturity%5D=General&search%5Bpage%5D=1&search%5Bper_page%5D=12&search%5Bstore_id%5D=17961
  15. I look for skins that look realistic for everyday. The eyebrows are very important, I want them to look like actual hair, not just paint. Lips are important too. If they are going to be anything but flesh toned, they should have a little bit of a sheen to them. Makup is important too, again, it shouldn't look like paint, but should look like actual make up pigments. As far as the rest of the body goes, shading is super important. Abs should not look drawn on, Tan shouldn't be Jersey Shore orange, and key spots like knees, breasts, and the like should look natural, not overdone or under done. The best skins I have seen are from Curio. If you look closely at the skin tones, they have such a fleshy and flushed look to them, like real skin. The make up is impeccable. I have seen other skins that come close to perfecting these looks, but I won't buy ANY everyday skin unless its Curio. Plus, all the skins look virtually the same on my shape, where as some skin creators go off the dimensions so much that one skin can look great on your shape, and the one next to it looks terrible. Basically, any skin I buy from Curio looks like me, just with different make up, which is important to me. If its a fantasy skin, again, I do look for realistic make up textures. Some fantasy skins are much to matte. The best fantasy skins I've found are from Miasnow (like in my profile badge thingy). I do have to fit my shape for the skin slightly, to get the desired lip ratio, but once I have the one midified shape created, I can trust to use it on all my Miasnow skins. To agree, demos are you're best bet to finding the right skin. Even though I am a sucker for my few brands, I still try different stores demos from time to time and sometimes even buy them, but they usually sit collecting dust in my inventory : )
  16. Boots are my weakness : ) I'm always looking for a new pair! There are some great suggestions in here, I may have a few more. Stole some photos from online...easier than taking them in world! These DV8 boots are AMAZING. Yes, they work with the cyber goth thing but they also fit in with sooooo many other looks! These Miel Far boots are a little grungier, but super fun with jeans. AND the socks are color changeable! WOO! These redgrave boots are copied by a lot of people, probably because they are awesome. They are pretty popular and kind of old news, but I still love them : ) And lastly, to throw my hat in there, I do have some boots of my own that I kind of love. Plus, I sell them cheap : ) They come in open toe and closed toe versions. Forgive my archaic photo editing skills compared to the above awesome ads, lol. Also, the picture is kind of dark but the straps are dark purple. Best of luck to you on your shoe journey!
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