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  1. Can personal scripts and other products be used? northing to intrusive just mean like Poseball Huds, RLV if it is desired, things like that.
  2. What specifically are you looking for, Collars, Shackles, Rope, Weights, Mouth Gags, Blindfolds, and RLV active? Particles, etc. theres allot of selections even quiality freebies on the marketplace.
  3. Hmmm I think it would be possible, I remember a link in peoples profiles that would change anyone who clicked it into a black bunny, for any annoying stalkers or profile harassers, it was used in a few sims, I even tried it once, then used it for a bit before I figured it was too mean... You were required to click the link though, so if its possible for RLV to force someone to click a link, or go to a link in SL, it should be possible to make this script. Just force the link to be clicked once a person collides with an item. Its pretty brutal but I suppose most RLV scripts are.
  4. Nevermind... one of those times when the moment you ask a question, you find out the answer right after... sorry, if someone can, please remove this post.
  5. So lighter weights on the hips and arms?, or some other kind of adjustments, what would you recommend = o
  6. Have a mesh body I'm working on, I've tried desperately not to bother anyone on the forums with this but I cant figure it out on my own, please help me, When I upload the body its smooth and perfect, when I rig it, it gets wierd bumps every time it moves, rez it in world and its smooth again, I don't understand. Heres a picture of how it looks. I don't know if adult content is allowed so I just blocked everything´╗┐
  7. Yea I am happy , it worked perfectly, didnt meant to be unclear, It did what it was supposed to do and told me I didnt have the animation, I wasnt even able to get a heartbeat out of it before then. I think I understand now, I was hoping it would work anywhere in SL if permissions were given, now I understand it has restrictions...
  8. Thank you so much for all the help, I just for the first little bit of a response, from that last script provided, notifying me that I don't have the hop and skip animation. Seems that I needed to allow the experience in the land settings itself. so they don't work across SL unless you have each sim allowing the experience? , really sorry for being so clueless about this = \
  9. As I understand it, when youy request Experience permissions it sould popup a window for you to say yes or no? Can someone walk me through how this should work because its not working at all, I have an alt that uses experiences,I check the experience button in the LSL script window, and just wrote a basic script that says on touch RequestExperiencePermissions with the owner as a key, nothing happens.... What would be best is if someone had an example script with experiences already working.
  10. Great! thank you! , you know so much about it , I'll look into it all thank you so much
  11. Yes I know, thank you, I just want the hair and skin too, or something close to it, because my skin and hair arent that great. and that is what I want to look like.
  12. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Alyce-Shape/1726186 I dont just want the shape, I want the skin and Hair, its so perfect, can anyone help plz?
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