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  1. So today is another improvement day, Better grass texture and looks more cleaner and other stuff. Giving it the Quality of Life it deserves. Sonic Music was added too. I am liking the way its transforming into than what It was before, I get more of a challenge with a confined space. Quite the transformation huh? From Oldest (Bottom) to Newest (Top) More improved store by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr Here is the before the grass has been replaced with the new picture above. Improved Store! by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr The Store before the improvements (Sorry if this screen is smaller, I never set the snapshot higher which crushed the picture) Sonic Productions Store old by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr
  2. Hehe well its bright before but even more brighter now. I got bored of the old pixel Green Hill Zone and needed a updated one from Sonic Generations. It's been months sense I updated it.
  3. Today I am arranging my Store and making minor improvements to Sonic Productions and give it a more roomy feel to it. Improving my Store by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr Here is the new and improved store. I did arranging around stuff before making a post and such. But my Store looks more brighter now. Improved Store! by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr
  4. Here is my setup, Don't mind the desk it gotten a bit messy. Not showing the Keyboard or mouse those nothing to write home about. The Computer costed me 1100 Dollars to build it, Then 50+ for the Speaker Systems (Speakers + Subwoofer) then another 100 Dollars for the Blue Yeti Mic. My Computer itself Project Shadow 1.0 Gaming PC by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr My GX Genius Speakers GX Genius Speakers by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr And my Widescreen Screen by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr Blue Yeti Mic by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr Here is a Bonus of my Speakers at work if your like to see that.
  5. It's a good thing it missed North Charleston South Carolina, We only gotten the storm part, But it still knocked the power out for at least a few hours. Was on my Gaming Rig and the screen would shut off and on. So I shut the whole computer down. Hope everyone else is safe too.
  6. Here is what I am doing today Again, Hanging out with a friend. I am the big Alien by the way in that picture. Tyraid Warrior Alien by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr
  7. There's something interesting about that avatar that scream. Grand Theft Auto Character. XD!
  8. Thanks for shopping by! .... I mean Stopping by.
  9. Great news and even hearing something for Premium Users, I been in SL for 10 years now and I am actively supporting Second Life as a Premium Member as I love SL that much and want to see LL continue to develop it along side Project Sansar. Both SL and Project Sansar can live side by side together nether should be killed off. Second Life is my main focus but I don't mind swapping between SL and Sansar having both instead of 1 or the other is great. Windlight update is also great too ^^
  10. For what I'm doing today is, Unpacking my Tardis Console for a update on recent changes sense I have not got back to check on it in months. Unpacking my new updated Tardis Console by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr
  11. This my second most Current Avatar (My Main one is Sonic the Hedgehog but for the sake of avatar Customization and improvements I choose the one below) I have ton of avatars that are far to many to list. It's comprised of both Mesh and Sculpt Combo, I could post several avatars but this one takes the cake. My Second Current Avatar by FurryWolf Rayna, on Flickr
  12. Hey there, If you need a friend, Just IM me in-world! I like being around new Residents in SL (Not just Old Time Residents). ^^ If you still need help in SL I be happy to take you under my wing. I can understand SL is overwhelming for so much stuff but great for taking it slow as possible which is a best way than taking it all in at once. Hehe In-World Name: FurryWolf Rayna
  13. SL to me when I first joined up, Was Having fun, doing pretty much anything it has offered. I won't go into full detail too long, But later on I had started a Sonic Store called "Sonic Productions" the whole store is community operated not here in SL to make money just help create items for the community as it's something I do on my free time and also My Friends in SL are like my friends in RL, I care for them just as much as I do in rl no matter how far they are from me I care for them so much that I am willing to defend and fight for them. Me being in SL I touch a lot of people and changed a lot of things through my actions, I made a lot of friends due to my extremely kind mood. I had grown attached to the Word Second Life, It gives a meaning to me that I can be anyone (Avatar) that are not possible in RL. As I do not want to be a Human in SL if I am in RL. But yea I touched many peoples lives, I even met Korissaa who became someone vary specal to me. Although I do not mix RL with SL for example RL Work and Drama should remain in RL. There's a thing that SL can do is change you. I changed a lot through 7 years of being in SL and I am not the same person as the day I Joined or before joining. I am a whole new "Hedgehog" I joined SL on 09/17/2007. As for changing SL's name is a tough question, There could be many words used but I think it's current name is fine as it is even though it's rather out of date. It's more simple, I grown to liking the name but I know there are people that tend to get abit hateful or hostile mentioning it, When people do I do try to show the good side of SL. You won't like it unless you had someone there guiding you as Second Life has heavy learning curve that's hard to grasp, I am happy to be your mentor\Teacher. I do try to recommend new residents Firestorm so it be easier on me to teach them. Anyways I think those that quit SL beacuse they hate it if mentioned by it's name, I think those should give it a second chance and If they knew me then they will have a lot of fun.
  14. Well I agree that I was gland to have a last name I have currently too. If it was not for a friend of mines back when I joined SL on 09/17/2007 (5 years 4 months; 1953 days), I would of not heard about SL and I would of missed out on last name choosen, If I heard about SL when LL started to make changes to how last names are now. So I have him to thank, Anyways. Not much to say really, hehe.
  15. If Display Names was a Dumb Move in LL then I have them to thank them for putting it in Second Life. Beacuse once you pick a first SL name, You are bond to it for life. So I am no longer forced to stick to my user name as "my" name. My Current user name is a past name I choosed which was back in 2007, We did not have display names back then. But After all the years I been through, I had changed myself by a huge margen but I knew that in the end I was going to live with the user name for my entire life in SL. I like the name but I wish we had the freedom to change it but we can't which is why Display Names was born. Like Jessica Lyon from Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Said in the Office Hour, "You can't force a cat to do something It dose not want to do", So its best just let Display Names stay as I prefer that over my user name in the long run.
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