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  1. Araya, Due to not knowing who that NC was from, from all the ones I received, I deleted it. Thank you for sending it though, I have found someone to fill the position.
  2. Hi Liram, Would you be interested in pirate and slave roleplay. Different avenues to the end result: 1. Be a slave to the island and be used by all, within your limits. 2. Be sold as a slave by the hour, day, week or month. These are just the beginning ideas. If interested send me a PM here and I will explain in more detail. K
  3. I don't know but you could message the owner of the item.
  4. Araya We are opening a new sim and can use someone to assist me. Please send a NC to CendrillaPerrault Resident with times that you can be available for an interview. Thanks in advance, Krickett.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I sent you a message in game.
  6. Check out ZimberLab by Doctor Zimberman. Link https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ZimberLab-Blocks-A-DELIVERY/10181095
  7. I know that Altamura has a free gift with a BoM applier which includes one system female and one system male skin. Tonic Curvy and Fine has a free gift on their counter with a BoM applier but the owner has already updated both bodies and at least one head that I know of that. She sent them out as updates and anyone owning the body or head can get the update redelivered. Catwa, Belleza and Maitreya have applier and some products updated. I have not checked into them very much to see if they have updated products yet.
  8. I have a homestead and I want someone to come in, terraform the land and build it up in layers for houses and such to sit on. It will be a circular road heading up the side of the mountain with places for houses to sit. I have put an image below of what I would like. It will need to have some of the roads going up to the top open air, some as tunnels. The houses will be made of a variety of materials and caves will be used for some too. I will buy everything needed to build it but will need help building or have someone build it. Please, send a NC to CendrillaPerrault Resident with ideas
  9. I do all the time. I treat my avi's as dolls. lol. I also am learning to build so that I can make my sim myself. I find it hard to make friends here in sl. Every time I do, it ends up in a lot of drama so I end up back on my sim alone. I mostly like it that way.
  10. King45Gamer, There is a group that is for US Military Veteran's. It is called that "US Military Veterans". It is a pretty big group but I don't know how much they roleplay. secondlife:///app/group/e59c843d-bbb5-9921-76b7-2fa0f7be8f74/about They know a lot of different groups for vets, hopefully they can help you out.
  11. ChinRey, hit on it perfectly. After reading her remarks, I realized that the chin and mouth were what were bothering me the most. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. 🙂
  12. Thank you so much. The chin, nose and mouth are what have bothered me the most. I will definitely try what you have suggested. I love playing with the avatars. That and learning to build houses. I love the Blog. I have been reading through it from the beginning.
  13. This is my avatar. She is wearing the Tonic Sierra Bento head. To me she just does not look "right". I have been working on her for about 2 weeks now and adjust sliders hasn't helped a lot. I will be using a lot of the suggestions you all have posted and will post an update when I get her looking better. If you have suggestions as to why she does not look "right", I will gladly try them out. I don't even know why she does not look "right" to me at this point.
  14. Thank you. I like what you have written. I will be sharing it with some friends that are having problems getting the look they want too. I appreciate your knowledge and especially your willingness to share it with us.
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