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  1. I enjoy paragraph RP, though I sometimes fall short of that length... metered or not does not matter to me, I am a bit new to meters but I enjoy roleplay with or without. I will check out Estara today! Thank you!
  2. I'm new to the second life roleplay scene, but have 3+ years experience roleplaying fantasy, and would like to join a roleplaying community that is active and has a vivid setting. Would be good if it could accomodate an Arabesque human character, but that's only the one I have set out now and I could easily develop another one -- not set on anything. I'm snooping around Kingdom of Sand right now but supposedly the human roleplay there has mostly died out for now. I would be open to joining a Gorean community but I've never read any of the books and I don't particularly enjoy John Norman's ph
  3. DETAILS: - 17 prims remaining. - Located on floating island, no visible neighbours. - Incl. bathroom, bedroom, living room and library with PG and adult animations. - Land-based security system -- anyone not in the housing group is barred from entering. For this reason you will have to ask me if you would like a tour. - For photos please go here. Disregard the price/prims in that listing. - If you would like to rent this land without the house for residential/commercial purposes, please contact me and we can negotiate rates.
  4. 1. Female. 2. Yes, I believe it is sexist, just as real life society is sexist, Second Life society is bound to be sexist, being made of real people. 3. Yes, I am limited by my gender. I can't visit anywhere where men and women mingle, especially places on the Adult grid, without being pestered with sex requests, and if I am blatant in my disinterest to the people who bother me, sometimes the response will be hostile. It is hard to find inexpensive and modest clothing, and when I am on the job as a sex worker in SL with my tag showing and all people think it is OK to promise me ridiculous ti
  5. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Starter-Housing-150Lwk-21-prims/4253745 visit for details, and message me ingame if you are interested!
  6. I'm going to rent out a 512 lot for whatever my client likes, really, but I am thinking I will put a very nice little skybox on it and market it as a starter home. I want to give a bit of a discounted rate on this parcel, below 200 lindens maybe, because I'm using my free 512m that came with Premium to rent this out, and I don't think it would be fair to charge much more when I'm marketing it as a starter home. The neighbouring lots are quite ugly. One is bordered all around by tropical jungle privacy screens (this is a Korean-named, grassy-mountain textured region mind you...), the other is a
  7. I have an array of nice outfits, shapes, hairs and skins to wear for a prospective modeling gig -- most of my clothing is of a fetish, gothic, lolita or vintage style. I can provide poses, but my current array is rather modest, because I am just starting out and am currently saving up for a much-coveted skin. I am open to any and all jobs but my ideal shoot would be one a bit "off the wall" if you know what I mean, a bit bizarre. One that might be hard to find a taker for! Otherwise, I'd love to try anything, for any salary at all. It's a pleasure, not a chore, for me to do this. I a
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