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  1. I would not rent land from another user for running any kind of business as you are at the mercy of the land owner. Land owner may go belly up or decide to change the sim to something else, kicking everyone out and returning all objects without notice (which happened to me a few times, lol) best bet is to do marketplace only without premium account or payment info but may want to go premium anyway since you will need to spend some lindens to start off anyhow (unless you create everything from scratch like scripts, sculpts, mesh, textures, templates, skins, shapes) depending on what you want to create. I build myself and it's usually a mix of creating stuff from scratch and using full perm stuff from marketplace or in world for me. If you do go the completly free rout, you can make builds on "Sandbox" sims that let anyone rez objets, then make your marketplace shop and post them up there. If you do go premium you can get 512 plot of mainland land for free and use that as a temp store (with some one prim sales boards and grow from there as you make some lindens. Unless you are piling in the lindens, there really is no need to worry about cashing them out as you are probably going to put that right back into SL for building stuff or just stuff for your avatar.
  2. Melita Magic wrote: No one wants to die. See you in 3rd life! :smileyvery-happy:
  3. Depends on the person. I have been here for 4 years come August and the "worth it" is something I made myself. Given the nature of SL and the open ended nature of an engrossing SL experience, a user that sticks around is someone who is likely to do a lot of things themselves as well as experience others work, time and effort. Someone who thinks SL is any one thing (which is what I find a lot of new users tend to do) for example, treat SL as only a role play game (then move on to a better MMORPG) never realizing SL has a lot more to offer, do not stay long. Personally, I have stuck around because I found friends in community (in lots of different aspects of SL) and found stuff I like to do in SL like build, DJ, and random TP, lol.
  4. Yea, you can probably (in Preferences, graphics options) put a check mark on shiny objects, basic shaders and atmospheric shaders and take some good pics but shadows will turn your viewer into a slideshow, heh. On my old computer, I risked my video card burning out and just maxed everything, didn’t crash, but It took 30 min just to pan around and take 1 screenshot, lol. I believe if you check "custom" it should let you check those settings, It has been awhile since I messed around with "dynamic lighting" which enables shadows, but if you uncheck that you should be able to check atmo shaders.
  5. I agree that there is a lot of room for improvement, like customer service and more LL interaction between users and LL instead of LL and investors, but if LL was just "Walking away" why would they even bother spending the money to update their viewer or even bother with Mesh and server / script additions? Plus they continue to change and tweak the new viewer to work better for everyone. Now don't get me wrong, I hate the new viewer and won't touch it, but I can't say LL has completely abandoned SL either, at least, not yet. And they did let us know about 64 meter prims, did your source hear this conversation from a Linden Lab's personal garner's barber's son in law's babysitter's pet goldfish?
  6. Nuhai Ling wrote: 20 regions were donated by residents and businesses "for the benefit of the community" meaning someone is paying Linden Lab to have their own birthday party. Wow! That's really sad, lol. But I have to say, LL did good for a while with a lot of updates in the last year with new viewer, viewer features, additional server and script functions, Mesh, 64 meter prims. In 4 years I have been in SL I don't think I have seen much progress at all and then BAM! Lots of stuff. Hopefully LL is in a "Quiet before the storm" period where they are planning their next updates. If not, oh well, I enjoy SL myself and will be here for a while longer regardless.
  7. "bear is flying? how can this be?" Dunno, but it can happen
  8. First I’ll start off saying that I have a close friend going through the same thing minus the combat sim. People seem to go way off the rails and spend time, money and resources building and starting clubs, malls, outdoor live music venues, RP sims, combat sims, even churches, weddings, wedding retreats, and mature content around their original intent (store or shop) just to try and draw business to that and end up effectively spending all their time on the ancillary and not have any time for their store. Hell I did it when I built and ran a club round my store. My friend has a runway for model shows, a church, does weddings, has a wedding retreat, has a live music venue, and plans to add more and I’m just like "but you forgot your shop" heh. I don’t have a problem with her doing it, if she likes it but currently she has no staff to help with any of these events, just her which takes away all time doing anything with the actual store. If on the side you really like having the club (and I would recommend hiring staff to manage) then do it. If it's making you go bald, quit and work on just plain old fashion advertising. :smileyhappy:
  9. Thinking about it, it's probable there was never a time where there was nothingness. You might have space with nothing in it (which is an empty something) but without time there is no measure of existence. Also if you look at how the universe is actually expanding, you could theorize that the big bang occurred from the expanding of a nano universe and eventually our known universe will reach a point that "big bangs" into an even more complex and larger universe where in time other life may be theorizing our "nonexistence" hehe. And on a side note, there is always order, even in chaos.
  10. Cool idea, but what are the chances the person you are looking for even visits these forums. Hell, of all my SL friends, I think only one other person than myself reads 'em. On a side note, I am tempted to post here everytime I crash or have a login issue, lol.
  11. MP is slow on my sim, but if I go to Lime or a sim with low lag, it's actually fairly quick. Sometimes I have bought an item, waited five min, then tp'd somewhere else and BAM! my stuff! :matte-motes-grin: Also, with only shoppng on MP, you miss alot of cool stuff you wouldn't have found otherwise as alot of places don't put all of their stuff on Market Place. If I find a place on MP that has alot of cool stuff or have bought a really nice item, i'll check out their inworld store at some point and usually find more cool stuff. :matte-motes-sing:
  12. Unsure of the technical reasoning and scientific shenanigans of said issue, but I did notice not only in V2/3 viewers, but in V1 viewers as well on both ATI and Nvidia cards the higher AAx you go the more everything blurs. 2x seems fine 4x, slight blur, 4xs and 8x forget it. First time I put it on 8x, I was like "oh noes... my eyes.. wait, that's just SL.." But after reading this little wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliasing it's possable to assume that the way SL draws, renders and stores/reads objects that high AA has difficulty reconstructing objects.
  13. I get my stuff from New Egg, they have some good deals out of season and with the holidays, should have awsome deals. 25 might net you some good headphones with a good mic on it, though i'd prolly budget 35 - 40 or 50+ at retail for one that has good quality sound and has a quality mic.
  14. lol, think it looks more like Kryten from Red Dwarf. ... must be the chin
  15. Probably won't do any good if you run Crossfire, but I don't have the Catalyst software installed at all, just the basic driver and havn't had a framerate issue since I built my new PC like 2 months ago, lol.
  16. Funny thing, I have a 2gig ati 6950 and got it working just fine with SL software AA, streaming VBO, the works. What I had to do is uninstall the entire catalyst software package and reinstall the video driver ONLY, and everything runs smooth. No crashes and excellent framerate. SL and some other games do not play nice with the catalyst software at all.
  17. Should be compatable, I have a 2gig ASUS 6950 and runs SL flawlessly. One thing I did notice however is that SL and other games don't like the catalyst software. After installing the catalyst, my video performance went down like 75%, I uninstalled everything and reinstalled the driver ONLY, and everything runs super fast. ps, I did get that uncompatable error at first on viewer 3.0 because it's not on their compatibility list (SL doesn't recognise card yet) but I ignored it and it let me sign in and notice didn't come back up for me.
  18. Turtle Beach X12. Very comfortable and the mic is very clear. Works better than my old logitec USB microphone.
  19. There are a few types of modeling in SL. There are "Agencys" that do professional modeling (with Runway, costumes, photographers etc.) as well as your basic, stand on a pose ball in someone's shop wearing their clothing for an hour or two. On my sim, I have a store that has a runway where modeling agencies have "rented" the space to do some shows, so I can ask my partner the agency’s names and send you a notecard with their info later for you to checkout if you would like.
  20. Not interested in mesh clothes, but will be neat to see how people make mesh structures and furniture. I'm really excited about the 64 meter prims though. Gonna be rebuilding my sim with 'em. Can't wait to see how many prims i'll rescue!
  21. LOL Too bad it was a ghost, woulda said hi as I was plummeting past ya :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  22. Although I never flew that high with my AV before, in an early build of Phoenix (or might have been Emerald) if you disabled camera restraints, you could pan out really fast indefinitely. dunno if you still can or not, i'm back on 1.23 now :matte-motes-evil: Eventually the sky turned dark and I paned up and the sky looked like a wormhole in a black hole, lol. When I log into SL tonight I’ll have to find that pic I took :matte-motes-nerdy:
  23. I think it's more of a natural progression of the style of music. Lots of metal get their influence from classic rock (and often share some of the same influences as the classic rock artists) who got their influences from Jazz / Blues / 50's rock Also alot of people have different oppionions on what "screaming" is. Some think the loud vocals on some of say "Thin Lizzy" albums are screaming while some say the more melodic (though ear peircing vocals) of say "Iron Maiden" is screaming and of course I think we can all agree, Death Metal like "Obituary" is deff screaming. So I think it would probably be artists like Frank Sinatra or Nancy Sinatra (think "These Boots") although not screaming, lead to an evolution of heavier and louder music styles.
  24. Yup I have this happen too. If I don't disable voice chat in SL, people will hear me in local when I Voice in SAMs when I DJ. Also have the problem of the green bars not showing alot of the time when I know I am voicing in local. Still using 1.23 myself.
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