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  1. I've been here a long time and don't have many friends to show for it either. Over 50 on my FL and maybe 3 or 4 of them talk to me regularly. I'm mostly at fault for this, though. I vanish for months at a time and hardly talk to others. I wait for people to talk to me instead and even then, sometimes I'm too anxious or uninterested in conversation to carry it on long. And then I wonder why I'm lonely, heh. :c
  2. Like the title says, I left the group I founded and there are inactive people in it, so it's not going anywhere. I am the founder of the group, but the other person I'd put in charge is inactive. Is there any way I can get back in the group since I founded it?
  3. Just so people know, I'm now on a brand-new Alienware and it's still happening. Just got told I was voicing my clicking and such in local. New computer. New brand. New install. New everything. Still happening. Only similar thing is that i'm still using Phoenix. Is this a problem with Phoenix in itself or what? Because it never happened before this year. Ever. Suddenly now, however, it's happening all the time. I don't get it.
  4. "it seems like the people who are the most vocal about bringing back last names are the people who already have one." Exactly what I'm thinking. As someone without a last name, I'd rather they just kept going the way they were. I'm tired of the bait-and-switch crap in 1st life. I'd prefer not to have it in my 2nd.
  5. And how exactly will this be implemented for us who had to pick a name with only Resident as an option? I don't want to remain 'Treyu' if I'm having a last name forced on me any more than I'm sure someone with the name Agfd123 wants to keep that as a first name. Oh joy, they can be Agfd123 Flux or Agfd123 Zane now? Man, let me hop on THAT asap, I mean that's great and such a step up! Now along with thier ridiculous name that they had to use to get on the game at all, they have to pick a last name as well to make it even more confusing. Either that or abandon their account with many non-trans items to make a less moronic first name at the cost of wasting days, weeks, months of time and a whole hell of a lot of $ along with it! They limited the names for a time, screwed us over essentially, and now they want to go back on that? Is this a cruel joke? I certainly hope that, if they do, we newer residents can pick ENTIRELY new names... because I've invested a lot into this account, only to now be told that I could possibly have had a different name in the future... but only be allowed to pick from LAST names? Thanks a lot, LL. ~
  6. "Is there an ark coming that no one told me about?" That's what I'm wondering! It seems like most topics in this particular branch of the forum (though they come and die soon enough) are people asking for relationships as if their second lives depend on it. I assure you, OP and anyone else coming on here practically begging for a relationship, that you can have just as much fun (if not more) without being committed to someone else in-world. Go out, dance, make friends, or learn to build and mod (you can meet great people in a sandbox willing to teach you!). Better yourself inside the game, go shopping (even if it's freebie shopping!) Even after all of this, if you don't find someone, you will not be wasting your time because you will be having fun and making friends. Spending all your time actively looking for 'that special someone' not only comes off as kinda desperate (actually possibly reducing your chances of finding someone special) and, at the end of the day, it feels like a waste of time when Prince Charming or whoever you're into doesn't come to sweep you off your feet. There are so many things to see, places to visit and people to have a good time. It's highly unlikely that you'll find anyone worth your time by posting here as you have been. If you want someone committed to you, then you first have to be committed to yourself- get out there and have fun. Any relationship, friendship or otherwise, will be much more worthwhile if you do.
  7. Looks like I am here to break the ice with the fact that I have no real 'RL' friends and only a handful of online 'SL' friends. First, it's difficult for me to maintain friendships in general because I have a very bad social anxiety disorder that stems from abuse, starvation and other nasty things I've endured practically since I was born and up until I left the military in 2008. This anxiety includes real life and online social situations as well, but I personally find I am more true to my 'real' self online. While it's difficult for me either way, I'm less afraid and less focused on having to respond immediately as I ride that adrenaline rush that I struggle to stay on top of every second that I'm out in public. See, in real life, I over-compensate and tend to play the 'class clown' more often than not. I come off as someone no one would expect to have these sorts of issues... but it's all a mask. It's totally fake and that sort of fakeness is very hard to fake so often. At the end of the day, I can't fake it any more and I try to get away in any way that I can. I find excuses to not take any acquaintances to the next level. I don't go to the bars, clubs or even simple social gatherings I'm invited to... and with that, the potential for real life friendship dies off. People are people, whether it's online or offline, and I probably know that better than anybody. There will always be exchanges made, trading positives and minuses for one or the other. For example, the safety and distance of an internet relationship comes with having no physical contact with said person. To some people, this is unacceptable and they may go so far as to call it 'not a real friendship'. Well let me tell you that, to some people, this is not only an acceptable trade-off, but a preferable one. Online, I don't have to worry so much about my response time or my ability to be witty 'as usual' or anything else. I can simply be me, collect my thoughts, and be honest. Through this, I have found that I make the most meaningful relationships... and I would make many more, if only I didn't avoid people so much after talking to them. Maintaining a friendship is my weakest point because it raises the feelings of anxiety once again. No longer are they strangers... now they know something about me, and that fact scares me to death. Once we speak a few times or so, the 'scary' part wears off and I can, generally, start a friendship from there. Getting there, however, is harder than Chinese algebra. I am seeking help in the real world for my social issues, but it feels like the further I dig, the more I realize that it's going to take one hell of a lot of therapy and work to get me to not be a walking bundle of stress and anxiety within any kind of close proximity to another human being. Until then, it's either opt for the rare SL/online friends who still love me despite my issues and stony, stoic silence... or simply go friendless.
  8. That we do- or rather the majority does, both of politicians and people. A grant would be fine, but if we're expected to pay it back, then it's just another foot further we sink into the hole because we cannot seem to manage our money. This is also why I do not think raising the ceiling will be our salvation. It is what is needed and will be done, but to stay living off of borrowed money (regardless of who it is borrowed from) is to live off of borrowed time. Our time is just about up if we don't immediately put on the brakes and, as Dres said, turn that car around. Sadly, as Ceka said, we have the money-management skills of crack addicts. The way the US runs much of its dealings is extremely self-destructive and, if I were to diagnose the US like one single being (mentally only, don't get me started on physically) then I'd likely say it is addicted and paranoid. We are ddcited to ridiculous spending that is completely unfounded. There are times, however, when we are lying on our backs, realizing the end is near if we don't get some food, and those are the times we see most clearly and ask for help. We swear we won't spend our food-money on our analytical crack, but that all goes sailing out the window before the day is through. And then we are back to square one once the 'high' wears off. We refuse the real aid we need in our moments of 'small-people crisis' such as Katrina because we're paranoid. We don't want people to think we're unable to help ourselves and we don't want to expose our weaknesses to our percieved enemies- even if they are extending us a hand in our darkest moments... and those 'small people' suffer because of it. This is also why we will never (or have yet to, anyhow- never say never) cut such a major chunk of funding to our military. I agree to raising taxes on the big guys and corporations, but not the 'small fries' who aren't part of the mega. Afterall, there are some corporations who need to have the stranglehold put on them- the oil business is definitely one of them, but small(er) business owners already in trouble don't need the added weight of being -just- over the edge- not when that edge is as low as 250k. The scales are unbalanced and something needs to be done. There are a million ways to do it, but it seems like we can't pick one and stick with it. That is where the frustration (for me anyhow) comes in.
  9. ^This. Explain to me why (if you or anyone else believes it was all Bush's fault) Obama has not only failed severely to make the deficit better... but plummeted us instead, doing the same damage in less than half the time. Think about that for a second. Think about it and tell me what people would claim had the roles been reversed. Now, don't get me wrong, Bush was no angel. He was as much a politician and string-monkey as the rest of them (in my opinion) but come on... Obama is no bloody saint and he's not looking out for any of us any more than the next 'right wing crazy' is. The fact that people are still saying it was all his fault or because of the war is as much a knee-jerk reaction as to claim 'oil' on all the world's problems. No, I'm sure the war didn't help, but how many years has Obama been in term now? Where are all his promises? Why is debt spiraling out of control now worse than it ever has been? And don't even preach to me about his involvement with the repeal of 'DA;DT'. That should have never been there in the first place and I am SEVERELY disapointed with his lack of involvement with LGBT and so much more. So maybe instead of looking back over 2 1/2 years, we should start paying attention to what the government is STILL spending money on. Look at the fraud they're still doing (ACORN anyone? Or did that get swept under the rug nicely, too?) Even with all covered-up scandals aside, looking through some of the public records is completely insane! (Can someone explain to me why the fed. gov't is spending billions on peanut research??) I'm not a member of any party at all, but I'll go with the things that make the most sense and what is good for the country and its people overall. And this ---> "The "little guys" profit when the "big guys" profit." Is correct. This pitting of one against the other is the very spirit of hostility that keeps us from meshing at all. One side will always blame the other. What we really need is more regulation so that all people cannot cheat the system financially- both big (mega corporations) and little (welfare). There need to be more regulations to assure people are being paid fairly and that people aren't being given handouts when they're perfectly capable but LAZY. Gosh, I smell new job oportunities and profit! Now tell me how some scrawny college kid can come up with that and the men running our country with Harvard degrees can't?? And as for me, I'm sure it will affect me in some unforeseen way. I won't spend as much on SL, yada yada. I make or mod most of my own stuff anyhow.
  10. Jane's in-world name would be Jane0018 Resident. Anyone (myself included) with 'no' last name falls immediately into having the last name of 'Resident'. To keep more on topic, you can add me if you'd like! I'm always up for a friendly chat. I speak English, but I've been trying to learn German (yay, Rosetta Stone).
  11. Alright. I've reset my settings, set the push-to-talk to another key far from Tab (the Delete key- another one far away from where I ever touch on the other side of my keyboard). I made sure my input and output was correct and tested it in-world. It works just fine for now. I see my mouth moving and I see the green 'waves', so we'll see what happens in the near future.
  12. @Janelle, The only reason I don't think it's a problem with the key itself is because when the Tab key is hit even a little, it scrolls through buttons on my viewer as well. If it was a crossed wire that was triggering the Tab key, I would likely see the other keys get scrolled through and would be able to turn it off. No keys nor clicks of anything turn it off, however, when it's decided to come on all by itself and there are no warning signs for it being on at all. In fact, it's likely happened more than just these few times that I know about, but I only have other people reporting it to me to know for sure. It takes re-logging to turn it off at all. Once I've relogged, however, if I press my push-to-talk button, it works just fine... for a time. Also, I'm using the latest version of Phoenix Viewer because I can't stand the layout of SL's Viewer 2.0. @Peewee, I do have a built-in mic, actually. I'm on a laptop, so just unplugging it won't do. I've relogged about 7 or so times since the first time it started happening, but nothing worked. When it finally started calling people I was typing to in an IM, I drew the line and disabled it. @Valen, Perhaps it is a problem with the viewer then, if you're still using an older one? I really don't want to have to change to 2.0. I tried it and it took too long to get used to and I disliked a lot of the features.
  13. Sortof. When it's turned itself on, I can't seem to turn it off. Otherwise, it works just fine. It actually just tried to call in an IM that I didn't agree to send. I don't know what the deal is, but I reset my voice settings and turned it off for the time being. I have a job to do on Thursday, however, that involves voice chat, so I really need to figure this out before then.
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