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  1. Thanks! ^^ I more so want to advertise for clothing/hair and such, I do enjoy photo's/ss's. But I would liek to advertise.
  2. Hello, I'm still rather new to SL in general, but I really want to get involved in SL modeling. I've "searched around" about Modeling Agencies, and how to get started. But I always see the same basic information, and it all seems fishy. So I have a few questions to people that either have a agency, are employed with the agency, have modeled, are modeling, or know anything about it. What are the most prestigious modeling agencies? (It seems like the "fishy" ones buy all the advertising with the money they scam, and are monopolized on the searches, but when you visit them in game, they look "unprofessional") What are lists of recognized/recommended Modeling Agencies? What should I expect from them? (What will they ask of me, require, and what are issues that commonly arise?) Normal (classes/training) costs/time put in? Do I need to get professional pictures done? Or need to do them myself? (What is the average price range for professional photo's?) Do I need to create a "portfolio" and if so how do I go about doing that? What all does modeling consist of in SL? (Photo's/Magazine's/Runway?) What Should I stray away from? (Dangers/issues) Any other suggestions and or comments I should know? I have 200k L+ invested into modeling Poses/Hair/Eyes/Skins/Shapes/Make Up/Shoes/Accessories/and of course, every genre of clothing/style. (I apologize if this question was not in the appropriate category, and thank you to anyone, and everyone with any help you can offer me) Thank You Soooo Much !!! - <3 Angel
  3. Ive got the installer to work on Internet Explorer, had to also update graphics card, its working all full and fine, thank you so much guys !
  4. Sorry, I'm confusing >,<! I will try these things and get back to you. Thank you guys very much!
  5. As soon as I start the download, it's all pretty quick, it tells me the estimated time is one minute, then quickly counts down from there without any problem (has the game ss's and everything). Then when it gets to "a few seconds remaining" is when it crashes at the same spot. I'm not sure if this helps but, it crashes on the ss of a floating platform, and it says "Enjoy!" in the top right, and "We can't wait to see you in Second Life" on the bottom. No, I do not have any download limit/restrictions on my connection. I torrent quite often, and play a lot of different MMORPG's & F2P's.
  6. Would trying to install it on IE help? I try not to use IE, but I can to try and get it going. I've tried it with my fire wall off, and I don't have cookies disabled. Would this have anything to do with me having AVG? And Thank You. I will take a look at what PeeWee has said
  7. I have Vista, I'm using Firefox, I double click the "Second_Life_Set_Up" under my "Downloads", and it gets to 70% done, then crashes with that error.
  8. This did not resolve it thank you though
  9. Sorry, I wasn't sure where to post this question exactly, and I did not find any information for it on Google search, or the SL Answer's forum. I just signed up, and clicked the download, then its almost done, and it says this, no matter how many times I try. I don't have any issues with my connection. So idk what it could be? "Sorry, we can't download Second Life. Try checking your network connection, then run Second Life setup again. (12002)"
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