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  1. When I first started, I gathered some lindens and bought a plot of land I saw (not recommended without looking into the renter) and started playing with the build options. I made the most snazzy beach house with shiny options, default wood textures, stucco bumps and a blue transparent panoramic third floor. Unfortunately I didn't know anything about land tiers so all my stuff was gone in a week =\ wasn't even in my lost n found so I’ll never be able to look at my snazzy first creation :matte-motes-frown: Well technically, my very first creation was a pair of awesome zebra striped pants to go with my newbie forest elf av, lol.
  2. Well death had to drop in to check: and we had a wonderful one sided discussion. However, Death was not able to claim this wayward soul. :matte-motes-crying:
  3. I did a club thing for a bit, every Sat night I rebuilt the inside of the club into a cave, forrest, farm, whatever matched the theme of the event that week. But after the event and i'm finally left to peace, i'll just start building something like a motorbike or something silly like a baloon noose. Pretty soon I had all this stuff built so I started my own store and now I have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied =)
  4. Having the same issue with land prim #'s appearing wrong. I did notice something though, it appears to be server specific. I have 2 sims next to eachother, but they are on different servers. The one sim has had no issues while the other keeps jumping in prim count, I touch hundreds of linksets to get the number back and a few days later I have an extra 2500+ prims, heh. I also noticed it seems to be completely random. I could touch a linkset with 64 prims and only one prim might "come back" in the count while others will calculate all the prims. Strange indeed. I just want my accurate prim count back though cause I'm running low and need to wath it accurately.
  5. This is probably my favorite outfit. And I really like this one. And this one was pretty neat.. But who can resist a body builder look.... :robotsurprised:
  6. Think i'm missing a general discussion thread as well :smileysurprised:
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