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  1. I'd probably feel better about this if there was some indication that the Lab intended to contract in more development and engineering staff on the back of it. I'll hold any further negative apprehensions on the issue til I've seen more of whats planned, if anything. Try not to muff this up, this is 15 years of my life and work.
  2. Old fashion style. I think I still have some pictures of that from 2005 in my inventory.
  3. I think my largest issue here is that with about 20 different options for actually communicating about what they're doing, why they're doing it and what not, main domain, the status page, their twitter and all that...absolutely none of it really explains what they're doing or why. Its all just vague "we are doing maintenance" well yes obviously, everything is down. Duh.
  4. I don't know that anyone in California goes to bed at 10pm
  5. "We will be doing network maintenance on Second Life this week." - Lindens "Oh....okay....why?" - Me "..." - Lindens "Who takes down a major service based system at 2200 PST for maintenance?" - Also me
  6. Hi.....I almost never speak up here about anything, but with Concierge support being handled by "Scouts" these days I am really not feeling like I can ask about this through support. What the heck is going on with teleports? Its been 10 straight days since the host migration and this issue has been flat out brutal ever since. There doesn't appear to be any way to stop it happening either, and its definitely not me or my internet as its happening to thousands of people in the various groups I run or am part of. Any chance we can....yanno...fix something here guys? I hate to be p
  7. Normally I don't have any time for this forum, I'm usually far too busy managing things on the grid we all know and love. Regardless its become increasingly evident that between you and the investors board, you've completely run out of ideas on how to maintain the grid through current economic conditions. Here's some free advice from a long time land owner and content provider for your grid. It Works For Wal-Mart: Its the business theory of "stack it high and sell it cheap". Heres the deal, you already got the stack it high process covered. You've increased class 5 sims per server
  8. Adding some edited content at the request of Linden Labs. And greetings to everyone in the Second Life Vampire Community. CoLA - City Sewers - Mesh Build Version What do you think your sim will look like this time next year? As the first image shows we're doing a complete mesh overhaul of the City of Lost Angels™ to make it conform to more professionally detailed standards. I expect that at this time next year CoLA will largely stand out as one of the most advanced examples of the possibilities of Second Life with regard to not only community building but also with regard to showing off t
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