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  1. Well, My favourite/preferred virtual world/game is/are (and usernames on respective platforms): Second Life - Elite Runner IMVU - RDKTSR Garry's Mod - RDKTSR (Steam) Roblox - XenZKryptor
  2. I have since been using CasperTech products for some time after I noted that one of the merchants I check into switched from Hippovend to Caspervend and I noted others also made the switch after some time in which I decided to make the switch to CasperVend and ditch HippoVend. I also tried out CasperLet and other CasperTech products including the "spinner" and snow emitting machine. After learning that HippoTech went bust, I feel assured that CasperTech would dominate the grid for eons.
  3. Before Second Life I was onto other virtual worlds and social platforms including Zwinky and Neopets. I even tried IMVU during my initial experience with Second Life. I also tried Habbo Meez WeeWorld, Gaia Online and Habbo and compared with said platforms. I even experienced and compared Minecraft to the rest even experienced ROBLOX, Homebrew vehicle sandbox and Garry's Mod and compared GMod, HomeBrew and ROBLOX to Minecraft, IMVU and Second Life among others including Sansar and Blockland.
  4. Concerning the platform, have there any Second Life users who also played Roblox?
  5. I need some sort of scripting help. I need to know how to make the child prim to stay upright at zero rotation when the object (including root prim) rotates at any orientation. An example would be a something similar to to a gyrometer or equivalent. Another example is when the smoke or steam goes upright from a smokestack on a train and when emitting particles from a child prim, that prim and the particles needs to keep upright.
  6. Remember in the earlier post that Qwalyphi Korpov said that it will be at or after the closing bell tomorrow in the New York/Toronto stock markets (NYSE/NASDAQ/TSX), making it 16:00 EST/13:00 SLT/21:00 UTC this Friday 2012.11.09-Fr. Here is the countdown to the big event provided by timeanddate.com http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20121109T16&p0=250&msg=SECOND+LIFE+FORUM+ANNOUNCEMENT&csz=1 Times in other cities http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Big+announcement&iso=20121109T16&p1=250
  7. OK. I hope it could be something that is good or useful or interesting, like a new feature, or an integration of an existing product. I better wait until on or after 16:00 EST/13:00 SLT this Friday 2012.11.09-Fr in which it's the NYSE/NASDAQ/TSX close, ending the week on the stock markets, and it could be announced on CNBC and/or CNN and/or other news media since someone said it could be major story on the first forum post aka topic starter. I better watch CNBC and CNN at 16:00 EST this Friday and check the websites for the announcement and monitor the Linden Lab press releases, Second Life blog, SL Grid status, Linden Lab Twitter account, Second Life Twitter and Facebook feeds and the Linden Lab CEO's Twitter and Second Life feeds. I'm predicting that Linden Lab may be filing an IPO for NASDAQ or NYSE during that time also, but anything can happen this Friday.
  8. Had the same experience. Did you upgrade to Windows Live Essentals 2012? If so, close down the viewer, uninstall Windows Live essentals and associated compartments, relog to SL and then try to upload again. Also, are you using Windows 8 or Windows 7?
  9. Hello. I am looking everywhere on the web for Monster Energy Rally Car templates. I seen one from Car Town (the game I used to play on Facebook) and researched images on the Internet. I am wondering if there's any templates for the 2013 Zapax Offroad Rally X-Sport for the Monster Energy rally car. The car will be on the marketplace soon without any decals but it is painted black/green.
  10. I guess you heard by now that Superstorm Sandy (dubbed Frankenstorm or Sno'reasterane) has made an impact on the US Northeast and southern Ontario. Millions without power, for a couple to several days, flooding and damage. This brings to one thing, Is there any Second Life residents willing to help the folks who are devastated by Sandy, like special concerts, monentary donations (L$, Paypal, etc), fundrasing, and inworld/Marketplace stores offering proceeds from sales to victims of Sandy? What do you do to help in Second Life to the victims of Superstorm Sandy?
  11. There are other activities like wakeboarding, racing, swimming, simboarding*, simball*, skydiving, scuba diving, shopping, running a business/shop, the list goes on Second Life is filled with excitement and opportunities. * For simball and simboarding, please see http://www.vetox.biz
  12. @Maestro: Gosh... What was the part that was missing in Magnum? Hope the 17:00 PDT/20:00 EDT/00:00 UTC roll goes smooth.
  13. OK. Let's take a moment to show off your car in SL! Pictures or video welcome. First: 2013 Zapax 2013 Shark CR-Z Hybrid/Fox Motors Rezzie (with addons)
  14. Ok. let's keep it going... A few days later, Ryan R. Elite (elite.runner) was riding in the CR-Z Hybrid/Fox Motors Rezzie (that is tuned with superchargers, turbochargers and NOS and have rally and offroad lights and a spoiler)... (see pic) ...down the Linden road when suddenly the rain began to fall hard and the wind picked up fast! Then out from somewhere a portal beamed just metres from the vehicle. He slammed on the brakes. The beam is a inter-metaverse portal that connects to other virtual worlds. A creeper comes out then a zombie comes out with some Minecraft players entered the Second Life Grid. The Minecraft players were wearing diamond armor and have diamond swords. "Where are we?" said one Minecraft player "You're in the Second Life Grid" said Ryan R. Elite. Then suddenly more creepers appear from the beam and they head to the most popular club in Second Life. The creepers explode with a massive explosion that destroyed the entire club and killing the DJ, the staff and the club go-ers. The remaining creepers self-destruct along with the zombies and the Minecraft players were unexpectially beamed back up back to the Minecraft world. Meanwhile Ryan R. Elite noticed the explosion from the other end of the sim. He raced to the scene as the rain stopped. He stopped and hopped out of the CR-Z Hybrid and noticed the club has been demolished with dead bodies and a huge crater that has been created.
  15. Turning of translation in viewer settings depend on the viewer you're using (Viewer 3, Firestorm, Phoenix, Singularity, Exodus, Nirans) In Viewer 3.4.0, go to Me > Preferences. Go to the Chat tab and click on Translation... Deselect "Enable Machine Translation while Chatting". Click on Ok and click on OK to save changes and close the preferences window. In Firestorm 4.2.2, go to Avatar (or Viewer if you're not logged in yet), click on Preferences, go to Chat tab and click on Chat Translation settings. Deselect "Enable Machine Translation while Chatting". Click on Ok and click on OK to save changes and close the preferences window.
  16. Justyn Andretti wrote: OK its 10-16-12 - 10:20am EST and I can't login says UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SIMULATOR.... You unable to connect to simulator? Oh dear. Is everything fine almost two hours later?
  17. Yes. Sandboxes are places you can rez stuff. There are some stores that have rez/unpacking zones Race tracks may have rez zones for your car. There could be a rez zone for boats/motorized watercraft/jetskis near the water. If you have land, you can rez your stuff on your land.
  18. I won't be able to make it because I have other stuff to do, and most of it are not SL-related.
  19. I guess everything is settled and smooth compared to last week.
  20. Actually. the current Second Life Viewer is v3.4.0.264911 If you go to Help > Second Life, you see the version number of the client (boxed in red) and other stuff you should know about.
  21. OK. It has been since the Equinox and it's now October 1, 2012 and this is NONSENSE. The equinox was 9-10 days ago and nothing has happened. Duh! December 21, 2012 will be just a December Solstice, according to NASA via http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/maya-world-end.html, citing "There is simply no scientific evidence to support any claims of an apocalypse on Earth in December 2012." It is impossible to have a polar shift nor a planetary allignment, so STOP BELIEVING THE MAYANS and STOP BELIEVING THE WORLD WILL END! I have also brought to attention that October 21, 2012, there supposed to be a rapture, and also on October 7, 2012. They're just false prohipies. There is no specific time and date when the Rapture will occur, and calculations to the specific date of rapture is useless. We seen that Harold Camping predicted the rapture in 2011 and nothing happened. October 7 and 21 will be just normal days. It's NOT WHEN the Lord predicted The End, it's IF OR WHAT.
  22. Speaking of Halloween, any plans for Halloween in Second Life? Parties? contests? Exisbits? Themed shopping? Building contests? Team Elite plans to spend Halloween exploring spooky places in Second Life.
  23. Thank you. Is there an ETA on things will become settled and stable?
  24. Have you tested it on a dragstrip or the oval track?
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