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  1. Sorry for the long delay in replies. All I'm doing is changing shapes. Back in the 1.0 Viewer that was how changing shapes looked so the effect was visible to everyone in 1.0 viewers because yeah...that was just what happened when you changed shape. I'll look into the newest Kokua viewer and the alternate method for a similar effect that was mentioned see if I can get any of that to work.
  2. No no, I mean the morph effect when changing body shapes. I didn't wanna show an example because of course it's weird fetish stuff but I did transformation videos on YouTube with it: https://www.youtube.com/user/TehNinjaBunneh/videos Pick a video any video. Yeeeah THAT would be why I need the feature. It's a dumb dumb thing but yeah, only Imprudence still had that after the 2.0 update. And unfortunately you seem to be right. I can't get my Avatar to load at all even though I am using an old one that used to work with Imprudence. Is the HTML Inventory a new thing? When did THAT happen? I assume there's no work around for that? Or MAYBE since we're skipping SSL Cert to log in, it won't let us access our inventory?
  3. I tried Kokua and no it does not. It's an ooold Second Life 1.0 thing and yeah, Imprudence is basically Second Life 1.0 with all of the features and lack of features it had since it is impossible to log in with ACTUAL Second Life 1.0 - Anyway, Whirly, thanks a TON for the tip! I'll see if I can get my Avatar to rez at all and let you know but yeah it doesn't support a LOT of things.
  4. Download the latest LL Viewer? You mean the official one? Yeah that works fine. But I need to get Imprudence running. Also, Imprudence USED to work on this computer so I don't think it's that. As for what feature I need? The morph effect when switching body types. Imprudence is the only viewer I've found that still does that.
  5. Hello, so I recently tried to log into SL with the Imprudence Viewer and it told me I couldn't because of Date and Time settings being incorrect? But they're not (and I can log in with the main SecondLife viewer). I hear this is some kind of certificate check thing? I dunno, I'm confused and it told me that if the problem persisted to look on support. I guess the real question is: Is Imprudence just not able to log in anymore? Is there any way to fix this? Because I kinda need Imprudence for some things I do and I don't think any other viewer has the weird feature I need. So...is there any way to get this going again or am I out of luck?
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