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  1. Thank you Fenix. I will take a look at that other forum place later. I do have someone taking a look at what i need right now, but this is in very early stages. As far as me, I started out doing programming in Fortran, Shows just how long ago that was. At this point I know enough to be dangerous but don't have the time to learn what i need to know to make this work. Yes that is a feeble excuse I know. If this doesn't pan out i might experiment around and see what i can do myself.
  2. I tried doing this myself but I am not capable. I need a script that can be placed in an object that is attached to an avatar and will; Allow avatars to click and get a message to vote for vote of yes or no Avatars can only vote once a day (or at least after a few hours) The vote will incrementally add or subtract from a running total. I would like the ability to change the dialogue either by changing the text within the script or by using a note card A notecard or chat interchange with the scripter would be good to solidify what I need as i am sure there are other things that would be good to add Thank you in advance
  3. Yes but SL suddenly stopped accepting my paypal account that i have used for years before. I can no longer get SL to make transactions with my pay pal account. WHat has changed?
  4. I agree with Doc as I don't see that his post was inflamitory in any way. People get a bit upset if things suddenly don't work
  5. I am having the same problem as a long standing paypal account with plenty of money in it can no longer be used to buy lindens. Got sent to the same useless page as did Doc. I cannot re-add the paypal payment info to my account either. I live in the USA if that helps. I do NOT have a credit card of bank information listed with SL and never will based on too many horror stories from friends that were only able to close their premium accounts with SL by canceling their credit cards. ANd then of course SL closed out their avatar account. No I am not a flamer and am not hating on anyone. Help please
  6. I am having the same problem as I am no longer able to buy lindens using my paypal account. Everytime i try to reset the paypal account connection the process fails and sends me to a page that is no help at all. Anyone else have this problem or have any useful information to share about this?
  7. The good news in this was that the guy that bought the SIM allowed me and another resident to come to the sim and reclaim our stuff. Which was good. My former landlord stated that he had asked the buyer to do this. If so I should take much of the mean thoughts I had for him. EIther way thanks to both owner for making the re-acqusition of our things smooth. It took about 2 full days for the SIM to resurface because it was physically moved so that added plenty to my anxiety. I had a conversation with my former landlord over this issue and as usual a lot of this was a situation exaserbated by over thinking and misunderstanding. We talked through our issues with each other which was good and we parted ways on at least reasonably good terms. In all honesty I think that we both over-reacted a bit. Maybe even more than a bit as he came to the sim to see several parcels stipped bare and me cleaning off one of my own. Truth was that it was a place I had reserved for a long time friend who hasn't been in world simce June so I was cleaning it off to experiment with a sand dunes package I had bought.. All of the other legacy renters had jumped ship but I was planning on staying and yet I got hurt because of that. All over simple misunderstandings. Easy to see now why SL will not get involved in these disputes I suppose. But hopefully there is no longer any animosity between us. There isn't any on my part even though I lost about 11,000 L in pre paid tiers. That doesn't make me happy but much worse has happened to me and I manage to contribute about a hundred a month to the local casino so that didn't seem all that important in the long run. The middle SIM owner didn't feel obligated to honor those tiers pre-paid to the original SIM owner but said that he was planning on doing so. He also said that SL doesn't compel someone buying a SIM to honor pre-paid tiers which I find somewhat criminal on SLs part IMHO. It offers little to no protection for renters and personally I think this strategy hurts landlords. I mean how many times would someone loose pre-paid tiers before saying nuts to the whole process. Perhaps SL thinks that this will tempt people into buying their own SIMs. Which is a foolish notion based on their pricing.
  8. TOS or not I was perhaps very harsh and rash in my assessment as I had a long conversation with the SIM owner and we got a few things ironed out. As usual there was probably a bot too much "thinking" going on from each side. That said I was told that renters have NO guarantees if a sim is sold and they have outstanding rental fees paid in advance. I feel quite strongly that SL is violating the laws of their home state of California when it comes to rentals and property ownership in RL because if you buy into property that has outstanding rents and/or leases you are obligated to honor those arrangements and any fees already paid are in full effect.
  9. Well then these people are selling like 4500 prims on a Homestead SIM deleted much of that because it was not nice
  10. In the estates that I just left they had a Homestead SIM that, when adding up the prim counts for all parcels, exceeded the 3750 prim count for a Homestead SIM. I was told that they could do this by moving prims from one SIM to another within their estates. Someone else said that was bunk. What is the truth here? I know you can pool prims from multiple parcels within a SIM but can prims be moved from SIM to SIM? If so doesn't this hurt the performance of the SIM with the extra prims?
  11. Before you rent you should know that SL doesn't care at all about you as a customer and dishonest practices by landlords do not violate any aspects of the TOS or constitute abuse. My former land lord stole from me but that is OK according to Second Life. I as a renter have no rights so it is just tough. OK, I can accept that. So when you rent make sure that you understand that you have no rights under what ever laws govern Second Life. But what is against the TOS and what SL will do something about is if I tell people what happened and name the thief and his company. So Second Life furthers the abeting of crooks within their community by not letting people get the word out on landlords who use deciptive practices. What I will do is tell you who this crook is so that you can avoid doing business with him. Just contact me. I can also supply the names of others who he stole from.
  12. I talked to the former owner (the second one in a week) but he is obviously not a reputable person so he is going to do nothing. I cannot return to the SIM because I have been blocked from there, as are other former land owners, because, yanno, we are some sort of danger I suppose. I didn't figure LL to do anything because I have little resect for the integrity of LL when it comes to a rental customer like me to be honest. They pretty much duck out of most any issue if they can. Possibly the newest buyer of the SIM will return my stuff or at least let me get in to reclaim it but I am not holding my breath. Anyway I will move along and do what I do with most SL sleazey types and just ignore them and move along.
  13. The SIM i was on got sold, I was renting 4 parcels at about 5600 L per week. The new landlord got some heat from others and got tempermental and said that he sold the SImn to someone else. I lost two weeks worth of rental monies and all the stuff I had on the parcels because I got no warning about this. Do I have any recourse from LL as to remedy over what amounts to theft by someone who acted like a child? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello again fashion fans. Just plugging the Fashion For Life Fair that supports Relay For Life. Come shop and see the wonderful builds, but come for the great shops and fashion of all kinds. my blog on the event can be seen here http://dollysdiary.wordpress.com/ You can find the fair SIMs easily by using inworld search for - Fashion for Life
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