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  1. Just a quick response- I've been around the internet a few times. I remember back in the day that there were some game servers that would accuse you of operating bots if you and another family member were online in the same game at the same time and you could get banned for that. We also now live in a time where someone could get brigaded and falsely reported for having an unpopular opinion spoken at the wrong moment to the wrong crowd. I've been in this game 12 and a half years. I know I've done nothing to warrant a ban, but that doesn't mean things like this don't happe
  2. Not sure if this is the right place for this, I apologize in advance. I use Firestorm and not too long ago I discovered that I can filter my inventory search results by using + (plus). So if I want to find a dress that fits my maitreya body, I can type "Dress + Maitreya" and it will search my inventory for items with both terms in the name, even if they're not next to eachother. Now I'm aware that there are search filters that allow you to search by creator name, object type, etc. What I am asking for is if there are any other advanced WORD search operators like + (plus
  3. XD LOL yes, I fully agree. Sadly, I've known people who got brigaided with false reports in the past for having unpopular opinions that they dare say in public. I still worry if my "crime" of standing up for myself will not lead to this one day.
  4. My brain does horrible stuff with things like this! I kept thinking "what if I'm banned!? What if I have negative linden!? what if my account is compromised?!" And I hate going through the list of all the bad wrong things that could be to blame, even if it doesn't match the error.
  5. Thank you for your swift response! I feel a little better now for sure. I was also cruising the forums. Seems like there is a lot of things going on right now.
  6. Oh my goodness! the same is happening to me! I can't log in and I cannot visit the marketplace. I was so scared it was just me!
  7. I've never been banned from Second Life but I'm having log in issues and I'm trying to rule out all possibilities, no matter how far fetched. Is there any website or place on the Second Life main page that will tell me if I've been banned? Should I get an email? I just want to rule this out as a possibility ASAP so I can sleep.
  8. I dont think that'd work because there is a part of the hairbase that is supposed to show the scalp of the skin beneath it. Im gonna try making my own custom patch up for this hair based on this idea tho! Thank you!
  9. That is so tragic! I will see if I can get the creator to fix that, but that would make a lot of sense. Goodness. Thank you so much for helping me understand. It would fit the evidence.
  10. I have tried both upper layer and lower layer. I have tried putting in on both and messing with blending options to see if I could fix it... what you see in the picture is the result of it being on either layer AND both. But thank you so much for replying! This was a fabulous answer! very instructive and detailed! Thank you so much~!
  11. My goodness yes! I have upgraded to BOM! However, my issue is that this is an applier. And the reason I want to use the hairbase is so that it can be used with a hair-bun attachment. I like the look and style of the hairbase and I intend to use it as the hair itself. Its easier to show than tell... the photo below is my intended use. https://gyazo.com/f665d7bac0480e20b4b7b0faec6bab2d The hairbase is 90% of the style, here.
  12. I have been looking for a solution to Studio Exposure's FNTY hairbases. They're SOO my style and gorgeous, but when I wear them, they create these ... ugly... lines. Photo Below. https://gyazo.com/61f9d841a30a7de713112f1344740630 Edit: Using Catwa Catya Mesh Head. This is the product in question: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SE-CATWA-MICHELE-FNTY-HAIRBASE-DARK-COLORS/14788697 I am looking for: 1. a solution to fix it that doesn't involve "buy a new one." 2. An understanding of why this happens so if I make my own hairbases this does not happen.
  13. EDIT: This is actually very very close upon further inspection. My response below is still somewhat relevant, but I'm going to be reading all the attached forum responses very closely. Thank you!!! _________________________ Almost, except that the problem you're pointing to has to do with a recent driver version with Windows 10 and the problem we are experiencing goes back to Windows 7. There is over a year of this and we have no idea what driver to roll back to because it has been exactly that long since a driver has worked for us. Unless someone can provide us with a good strong hi
  14. Rhonda Huntress wrote: "I saw you have tried another power supply, but are you sure you are getting enough power to the graphics cards? Have you tried using an overclocking tool? Try LOWERING the speed of the card or bumping the power up a few millivolts." I would do this if I knew how to do it safely without damaging the graphics card. Can someone give me pointers on how to do this?
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