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  1. what a nice fairy tale. did she found her prince and have they lived happy forever ?
  2. i try to get one, to support the community then with addons .. but it seems nearly impossible
  3. you are welcome Flea. At least you can even contact the second life support if you are not sure about that. Have a good night. 😃
  4. check with alts if they can't log in too. and since i cannot login myself aswell, i would think you will not be banned and we'll see the reason soon at https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  5. Problem was solved by Chat Support. I am online again ! yay !
  6. I logged at a Bellisseria Region, will be difficult to restart. I think i will have to wait that the support is available ^^ at 6 am SLT
  7. I get with this account the login failure message "Account already logggin in" I can't login into secondlife. I tested that even with several viewers (even with Textviewers). Anyone knows how i can fix that ?
  8. there are still campers available. *still hopes for a trad home*
  9. you dont need 2 windows, that just makes your computer slower, just use the Keyword "Bellisseria". around 2 am SLT i was able to get (another) houseboat. i am not in the us too, i am in germany. and i am pretty sure you will get one too. try best when americans have to sleep. they come random. which page ? the house selection page is here: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/my-home.php
  10. saw it too .. so it seems it was just the abandoned one
  11. i wish you all good luck 😃 and myself also happy house-hunting !
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