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Found 16 results

  1. I bought the genus baby head from second life and I’m extremely upset about it, I can’t get the neck to match the body and when I was trying to fix it it’s completely black in the face texture and I don’t know what else to do. Please help me. https://ibb.co/7SLv9Mp
  2. I am changing from the old GA>EG head over to the new Lelutka EvoX head and starting with the shape that comes with the head and been searching everywhere for what is the well proportioned shape size for the new heads when i use the size of my older head which looked really good to the body size it looks weirdly big would like to hear from long time SLers what you think the average size that most Males use on the new Mesh Heads
  3. Hey guys, I've seen videos on how to make an avatar, but didn't know really where to start out. At first I thought I wanted those mega body builder types, but then found out they're a bit dated and hard to work with. I found this avatar online, mostly lookin for a body type like this where its not steroid muscle body but normal like the picture in the post. What brand am I lookin at and for someone who has basic right out of the gate avi, what order should I be doing my avatar build with so I know how I can shop? For instance, do I get the head first then find the body?
  4. Please help I do not know what I did but my avatar body is black and I have changed skins to see if it would turn the color of the skins and it’s still black I do not know how to fix this problem also my skin is a BOM it usually covers my head and body but now it only covers my head my body is still black this happened after I was trying to put on my alpha hud
  5. Dear all, As some of us have either old PCs or older slow working Laptops with Intel Graphics installed, Singularity is the viewer that helps us have a stable connection inworld. Now since I have started taking pictures or trying to take pics with this Viewers options I was wondering if the following issue can be solved: When I try use the "Wet Face" or "Tears" look within the Head Skin Options for LeLutka Mesh Heads ...it doesn't really show on the face at all or whenever I switch to High / Ultra Graphics it is shinny, eventhought the section "Glossiness" is all the way down. It happens whenever I move the "Environment" slide. How can I make it work without having the ultra shinny Face 🤕 Somehow it happens to me as well on Firestorm Viewer when I tried it out on there, in case it would work better .... It would be soooo helpful if anyone could add some tips or a solution to this. Many thanks! I will add some pics so you see how the Face is shown. Inworld contact: hazeleyedwings IG: hazelsphotographysl
  6. title. i suck at making avis and would like someone to help me out if you're experienced in making avis. you can just private message me your examples of what you've done or if you need examples i can send some. and no this post isnt bs. you can check my post history and this isnt the first time ive asked for this service. the other person who helped me out has been pretty busy as of late and i need someone new. thank you. (☞゚∀゚)☞
  7. Hello everyone☺️ I’ve been on SL for about a month now and I’ve been trying to change my avatar little by little in order to learn more about customizing, but I’m still struggling to understand how it all works. I feel like I need a beginners guide for dummies because as much as I have looked into the topic, I still even question a lot of the terminology (alpha, mesh, shapes, etc..). I also want to know how I make a complete body and head customization so that it all matches. On top of everything, I know that there are clothes made specifically for certain bodies, but I am struggling to make things fit without portions of my body showing through. In general, to make things more complicated, I am really searching for a more plus size look to my avatar and still would like some good options for clothing in that department. I apologize if this sounds all over the place, I just need some help. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello, Everyone in Second Life Land i'm a new second life user just created my account yesterday and i'm in dire need of some assistance from anyone with. Customizing my Avi i'm a previous IMVU user and to tell you that i'm overwhelmed would be an understatement i've spent at least almost $80 on this game and have gotten nowhere. So I've decided to ask for some help from anyone who is very experienced with second life specifically the newer version if it comes down to i'll even cashapp you $50 to help me. I know that's desperate but, i'm out of options here i have no clue how to navigate this game just started learning how to transport yesterday bought a few items i have no idea how to use them PLEASE HELP!!!!! Not Found-Amy skin bronze ( Genus) Not Found-Lia skin bronze (Genus) Legacy- Mesh body Lelutka Erin head Omega system kit
  9. Okay okay so here is my issue I'm trying to make a avatar, using maitreya preferably, with her right arm encased in crystal only her right arm and hand..the issue I'm having is I can't find any armor that only covers one arm and hand it's always in pars...she also will have a crystal wing ,only the left wing no right side, and the same issue any help with that? I originally posted this in fashion like a ding dong
  10. Okay okay so here is my issue I'm trying to make a avatar, using maitreya preferably, with her right arm encased in crystal only her right arm and hand..the issue I'm having is I can't find any armor that only covers one arm and hand it's always in pars...she also will have a crystal wing ,only the left wing no right side, and the same issue any help with that?
  11. I have been looking for a solution to Studio Exposure's FNTY hairbases. They're SOO my style and gorgeous, but when I wear them, they create these ... ugly... lines. Photo Below. https://gyazo.com/61f9d841a30a7de713112f1344740630 Edit: Using Catwa Catya Mesh Head. This is the product in question: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SE-CATWA-MICHELE-FNTY-HAIRBASE-DARK-COLORS/14788697 I am looking for: 1. a solution to fix it that doesn't involve "buy a new one." 2. An understanding of why this happens so if I make my own hairbases this does not happen. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could do a avatar comission on an avatar I been wanting imported into Second Life for personal reasons, from a video game more or less! No one has done it yet and I know there's already Blender models made for it. Basically its from "Five Nights at Freddy's" of an animatronic / mascot called Glitchtrap / Malhare. Below is a ref.! Personally I never did this before, so I'm not sure how much it'd run me $L wise to get someone to do it. Please reply here or message me inworld!: BloodyKitty230 Resident
  13. first sorry if this isn't the [proper forum for this I made a neko angel avatar i'm trying to find scars and or open wounds for fitted kimono or can be put on kitted kimono with gold blood I don't know if there are any or if ill have to find a way to mod it oh also she has water/ice powrs light powers and card magic i'm trying to find huds for each help with that too would be great
  14. Hello everyone. I currently decided to start a story line running through my childhood. I would like to know what your thoughts where on best child body/head/avatar is. As well as AOs, HAIR is a big issue, and where a child friendly community's are. Any information is welcomed. Please be kind and thank you in advance. (Edit: I am creating a male child avatar)
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