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  1. And would i chat in a group where only moderators are listed, and where i know they are only active chatting if someone are rude and breaking the rules? Not likely.... most groups with Mods the mods are AFK and thus seldom provide help.... previously listed participants do provide help and a good chat
  2. What a stupid change this is Like in helpful groups like Builders Brewery, and Blender Benders 2.0 it actually help to see ALL participants in the list, because someone might have helped you in the past and in the list they are easy to find if you didn't save their name in the past or sort of just vaguely recall their name. With this change you leave us with a big guessing game. Maybe instead not list participants that hasn't been active chatting in the group for like 2 hrs. ago?
  3. Actually i did enable "Use shared environment" but then at 2000m up i get midnight instead of midday. And the day cycle are listed as none EDIT: I figured it out
  4. Thank you Penny for the simple and easy tutorial to follow I made my changes according to that and my needs, do i need to change anything in my firestorm quick-prefs to active them? Right now they are listed as water and sky: day cycle based and day cycle: default Even at 2000 m where i want to always have 12 AM. Including a picture of my land settings
  5. I tried to understand this EEP crap and i've given up... reverting back to Firestorm 6.3.9 (58205) Release now. This is the usual crap from the Lab: "we add a new feature for you but you have to figure out the rest yourself" I just hope for the future that firestorm will will include a option to select to disable eep for us that really don't need it. I don't understand why LL had to make ...correction, force their feature upon us when we had windlight working fine for many years - really LL didn't you have better things to do? All i wanted was to have mainland default sky, water, day
  6. I sort of fixed my problem with dark midday, but i have to keep reload the default day cycle to make the sun move
  7. That's the Lab in a nutshell my friend, they think they can make things better by putting loads on their overworked servers. I stand by what i previously said
  8. No, it was one of my typos.... was supposed to say poofed... as in teleported
  9. I just poofed over to Builders Brewery with "Use enabled shared environment" set, and that sim look way more normal than mainland. I could not find that they had done anything to the environment settings on parcel nor estate level (unless they are hidden for the general user). Even the Sundial tool was showing the sun at approx the same position as on my mainland. To me this are getting stranger and stranger It really start to feel like the good old days was way better
  10. I started to use EEP yesterday with the new Firestorm release, i'm not by far impressed about how mainland default look with "Use enabled shared environment" enabled. It look dark and dull and terrible, even when Riders Sundial tool (thanks for the copy Whirly) show the sun to be almost midday the sunlight isnt't anything close to forced midday. Now the sun only show for me during sunset and sunrise, the rest of the day cycle are dark and dull almost what i have in RL now that the sun are below the horizon until late January. First picture showing Riders Sundial tool where one see the su
  11. Offer are noted Ginny, i still have 14 days until tier are due
  12. This is still for sale, make me a offer and it might be yours. I need to size down before the summer
  13. Well screw this, lindens just renewed my premium even though i had set it to not renew so i'm stuck with this land until i abandon it
  14. Ahh ok, so i cannot add tags by editing a existing post i understand, thanks for explaining Cindy
  15. No... i mean tagging in posts, like I've seen people selling parcels and has tagged the size, roadside and so on... that kind of tagging
  16. Old topic i see, but how do i go from being resident to member so i can tag?
  17. Protected waterfront parcel next to sailable linden water sims for sale. Parcel will stay within the 22 USD tier plan if bought and donated to your group. Objects not included, will not subdivide. Asking price 60.000 $L or best offer (if you want to offer less than 40k go to someone else) Nice region without flashing object, breedables or eyesore buildings. Parcel is not set for sale, contact me for offers http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Menophra/146/178/26
  18. So if you cannot logon to SL because the grid are down (because of their hosting company has problems) you don't create a support ticket about the problem. Instead you assume your PC are broken, throw it away and buy a new one and again assume you can get connected? That's wrong, the closest contact to the hosting company are Linden Lab.... or as it was in this case, the stream providor (which i might add got this problem sorted out very fast).
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