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  1. I would love to see Linden Lab create a redelivery terminal that will bring me to a web page where all my purchases has been done sorted by shop.... sort of like CasperVend do in their terminal and has been done for years. Should absolutely be possible for the Coders at LL to make something useful like that
  2. i find no such thing https://gyazo.com/b7bc6a1dc6a054d7c4ee82bf2fd872b2
  3. How do i stop following this topic as i find it less and less interesting
  4. Not sure that this is related to the EEP code, but i've never seen this before (and i hate to file jira) so posting it here: 1. Rez a cube 2. Set it 99 hollow 3. Add a normal map (also called bump map) texture to all the faces Observe that LI are now 3, Toggle the prim to convex hull land then back to prim. Observe that the LI are now back to 1 As i said i have never seen this problem before EEP was rolled out on the grid, so hopefully it's a bug in the code and someone more Jira friendly than me will file this in the correct place
  5. Yeah and that's a B I G assuming, and still you will have different environment settings (water and sky changes) flash through your viewer as you fly through regions, and this will be seen more on mainland no doubt.
  6. Maybe this is a bit harsh, but i wonder when Linden Lab will realize that EEP are as big fluke as Sansar has tuned out to be. I mean what was wrong with wind-light being viewer-side effect except for the files not being centralized? @Whirly Fizzle i might start charging rent from you when you land on my land so often :p
  7. beautiful pictures dstauffsl2 I sort of switching between SL and GTA5 that also have great sky and graphics.... and something SL are missing... rain particles that don't pass into buildings
  8. What OS rollback ??? Are you saying they actually rolled back to pre-EEP (crosses fingers)?
  9. No reply for a long time by Rider Linden, did any of you place a gag on him?
  10. I could not agree more. @Rider Linden Why not roll back the grid ro pre-EEP until such a time where you have a official EEP viewer out. As it is now it looks to me that it's only annoying many residents
  11. Yes this is a bug, anyone that say different must have fog in their brain
  12. Yes i had projector lights there, but they where on in both viewers... identical scene and time
  13. Whirly i have tried to IM you, but got not reaction. I have sent you a slurl to where i made my pictures (didn't want to post that here). This is a picture of what lip color i have and the settings on the HUD... hope that in addition to my location help. I did forget to mention that i had some projector lights near me but they where there in both pictures ( i have left them lit as they was).
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