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  1. Well screw this, lindens just renewed my premium even though i had set it to not renew so i'm stuck with this land until i abandon it
  2. Willing to let this go for 35.000$L if you act fast
  3. Ahh ok, so i cannot add tags by editing a existing post i understand, thanks for explaining Cindy
  4. No... i mean tagging in posts, like I've seen people selling parcels and has tagged the size, roadside and so on... that kind of tagging
  5. Old topic i see, but how do i go from being resident to member so i can tag?
  6. Protected waterfront parcel next to sailable linden water sims for sale. Parcel will stay within the 22 USD tier plan if bought and donated to your group. Objects not included, will not subdivide. Asking price 60.000 $L or best offer (if you want to offer less than 40k go to someone else) Nice region without flashing object, breedables or eyesore buildings. Parcel is not set for sale, contact me for offers http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Menophra/146/178/26
  7. So if you cannot logon to SL because the grid are down (because of their hosting company has problems) you don't create a support ticket about the problem. Instead you assume your PC are broken, throw it away and buy a new one and again assume you can get connected? That's wrong, the closest contact to the hosting company are Linden Lab.... or as it was in this case, the stream providor (which i might add got this problem sorted out very fast).
  8. We'll just settle for them doing the "oops" and double checking Thanks for helping out sorting this for us West.... and i'm sorry for nagging you so much
  9. Someone must have been looking into it West, because now all of the sudden i got a working board again
  10. Well West, i did say that http://stream.classicrock109.com:10042 worked for me too. You should have had your friend test any of the other 3 streams i gave. I do hope Shuichi are right about the SL ip's has been blocked still the only person that can get that sorted out are you and your hosting company.
  11. Thank you Oz, good to know nothing has changed with the lsl command. @West Habercom I tried with 2 more streams hosted by you (aka digistream.info) http://poppysplace.digistream.info:11436 and http://muddys.digistream.info:20398 Both are running and streaming music and both give me the the same error as i posted previously. So i guess this is your mess, something has changed on your servers that prevent SL devices to pull the stream data from them. You provided me a link to http://stream.classicrock109.com:10042 which worked fine with my script, no wonder really as it's not hosted by your company. Please fix the mess you created as i see more people will complain as it will effect a lot of stream boards in SL... not just mine that i don't sell or give away. If you need to debug more yourself just grab my script, place it in a prim.. .no deeding are needed - touching the prim will reset the script and cause it to pull the data again.
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