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  1. So if you cannot logon to SL because the grid are down (because of their hosting company has problems) you don't create a support ticket about the problem. Instead you assume your PC are broken, throw it away and buy a new one and again assume you can get connected? That's wrong, the closest contact to the hosting company are Linden Lab.... or as it was in this case, the stream providor (which i might add got this problem sorted out very fast).
  2. We'll just settle for them doing the "oops" and double checking Thanks for helping out sorting this for us West.... and i'm sorry for nagging you so much
  3. Someone must have been looking into it West, because now all of the sudden i got a working board again
  4. Well West, i did say that http://stream.classicrock109.com:10042 worked for me too. You should have had your friend test any of the other 3 streams i gave. I do hope Shuichi are right about the SL ip's has been blocked still the only person that can get that sorted out are you and your hosting company.
  5. Thank you Oz, good to know nothing has changed with the lsl command. @West Habercom I tried with 2 more streams hosted by you (aka digistream.info) http://poppysplace.digistream.info:11436 and http://muddys.digistream.info:20398 Both are running and streaming music and both give me the the same error as i posted previously. So i guess this is your mess, something has changed on your servers that prevent SL devices to pull the stream data from them. You provided me a link to http://stream.classicrock109.com:10042 which worked fine with my script, no wonder really as it's not hosted by your company. Please fix the mess you created as i see more people will complain as it will effect a lot of stream boards in SL... not just mine that i don't sell or give away. If you need to debug more yourself just grab my script, place it in a prim.. .no deeding are needed - touching the prim will reset the script and cause it to pull the data again.
  6. This turn out to be a big mystery, according to Chuckles Orfan Big Daddy's owner they haven't changed any settings in their stream, it has always been set to private. So as my board worked fine with their stream until this week and neither BD or i have changed anything i guess it's time to nudge @Oz Linden and check if they made a new silent change to llHTTPRequest that cause this error. Including my debugging script here string stream = "http://bigdaddys.digistream.info:20368/7.html"; key kSentRequest; default { state_entry() { kSentRequest = llHTTPRequest(stream,[HTTP_USER_AGENT,"XML-Getter/1.0 (Mozilla Compatible)"],""); } http_response (key kRecRequest, integer intStatus, list lstMeta, string strBody) { if (kRecRequest == kSentRequest) { // debug llOwnerSay("\n\n" + (strBody) + "\n\nthe stream requested are " + stream ); // debug } } touch_start(integer total_number) { if (llDetectedKey (0) == llGetOwner ()); llOwnerSay("Resetting the script"); llResetScript(); } }
  7. Thank you for leaving the detailed description West Much appreciated I still wonder why i see the correct info on the /7.html and /stats pages tho, but not able to pull them into SL
  8. According to Digistream's West Habercom the Big Daddy stream are set to private and he think that's why some boards (pulling the info the same way i do) don't get the info. So i guess i need to ask the stream owner why it's been set to private
  9. @Saii Hallard I got a reply from Digistream's West Habercom saying that your boards don't have the problem i'm experiencing with mt board (self scripted), can you please confirm this please?
  10. Just made me a debug script by chopping my board script to barebone, this is what that server return to SL, but when browsing to the URL you will see the stream info fine - i get this same data when pulling data from 7.html or the stats page http://bigdaddys.digistream.info:20368/stats http://bigdaddys.digistream.info:20368/7.html <html> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> </meta> <title>ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved</title> <body id="ERR_CONNECT_FAIL"> <div id="titles"> <h1>ERROR</h1> <h2>Connection Failed</h2> </div> <!-- ERR_CONNECT_FAIL --> </body></html>
  11. Looks like Big Daddys (well, actually digistream ) has updater their stream server to SHOUTcast Server v2.5.5.733. As of today my board cannot read the data from their 7.html nor the stats page. Do anyone else have this problem? The stream are at http://bigdaddys.digistream.info:20368 If you add /7.html or /stats you can see that the info are there but to me it look a bit different now than it did before I see that the raw data on the 7.html page are like it's always been but still cannot pull the data from it - the data in the stats page are totally changed
  12. So you say that all the bugs reported in this forum are their official "bug" reports... wow. I wonder how many beta testers they have on the viewer development if the pay is that bad, or is that also relying on helpful users that report problems on the jira? I guess a last name of Mole or even Linden are payment good enough
  13. Well isn't that why they have the beta grid, for testing such things and new features. Would have been better if they had done the server code there... given people some lindens to go there and do some testing (like pay pr. bug reported etc) instead of screwing it up for most of us
  14. Linden Labs/Raider Linden.... When will you release the EEP code for the 3rd party viewer so all of us that use then will be able to get a "normal" day cycle?? As the EEP code are on the servers it screw up the normal day cycle for EVERYONE on non-eep viewers that don't resolve to wind light all the time. It's been 1 year more or less since you messed up the SL sun by putting the EEP code on the servers.
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