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  1. *shrugs* Couple that with how much money do you want to cash out of SL at once? The tax man will love you a long time. Also Check the size of SL Estates/SIMs as well. I am pretty sure about 6 years ago there were about 31000, now it is about 24200?
  2. I have been a landowner in here for over 6 years now. At that time Estate owners were fleeing in droves and selling or abandoing their Estates and running off with their clients money. Another thing that affected SL would be the new marketplace. A lot of tenants that sold items left their land rentals as they no longer needed land for displays or stores as they could sell their items for inworld creations pretty much off and out of the world they were made for. For awhile all they needed was a 1 prim marketplace box in world and a sandbox to work in if needed. Also thru 2014-2015 I seem to recall the Linden was doing really well for selling which was a good thing holding at about 7.54-7.57/2000L (regular selling rates not using the Lindex). After they announced the crackdown on Casinos and 3rd party Linden resellers and even clubs(gray area) cause more tenants to leave or shut down along with the fees etc for the casinos and game creators to get licensed. I suspect that was a major cause for the drop to the $7.47/2000Lnear the end of 2015. A lot of companies who had to hold onto a lot of Lindens for their businesses were no longer needed. Now for this year and perhaps the end of 2015 the Linden dropped to $7.41- $7.47 / 2000L between Jan-April. After the announcement about buying into grandfathered Estates for a nice hefty fee, it plumeted yet further to $7.18-7.21/2000L From when it started so I suspect it will stay that way or even lower unil at least October when the Grandfathered pricing sale ends. From there wether it will recover anytime soon will be highly doubtful in my opinion. I would strongly suggest Capital flight being the cause based on the above.
  3. We have been allowing tenants deed rights in our skydome rentals for setting up their own Security systems. So far over the years not many isuses. all we ask is they keep the range set to within 150m to cover their whole area and not to affect the otehr tenants enjoyment.
  4. For me it is. Seeing the overall change in what I need to cash out for tier. Just makes more sense if you are just playing the LindeX Market may be more important to break it down that way. As a land Owner it shows me a better picture for making tier the way I do it. As well as how the Linden dollar is doing over time.
  5. It's changed a lot from what I have noticed over the years. Last year it dropped form a pretty steady $7.54/2000L ( it held there pretty well for a year or more). for selling Lindens to after the casino crackdown/Sansar it went to $7.47/2000L and now lately it has since around the new fees being talked about it went down to $7.47- 7.45/2000L. A bit lower lately with the new grandfathered pricing it seems to lean more to 7.43-7.41/2000L. All rates are after LL fees.
  6. Be careful with hte Hippo system if it is the web enabled version, as rolling restarts could cause issues with people paying on days that the region got a restart with a rollback. The inworld boxes would overwrite the website account, so if they rolled a region back your tenants would lose their paid time they made and you will be none the wiser until tenants start complaining about missing time on their rental. You would need to check your SL dashboard ot make sure on the payments. Not sure if they ever fixed it.
  7. From what I understand the rename and move is free with full transfer. If you decide ot rename it after that or move it, than it costs the other amounts to do so. The maturity rating you cna change as an Estate manager or Owner as much as you like from Adul to moderate to PG. Right now we have it set to Moderate. Hope that helps! -Jason1 Draconia
  8. No worries, sorry as well been busy shuffling tenants from there around to free it up. it's $500 USD to buy it includes the transfer fee. It is an empty full Estate so no worries on working around anyone when designing afterwards, it can be setup as any category PG, Moderate or Adult upon the owner or renters decision as well! Rename and move also required. You can contact me in world Jason1 Draconia if you have any questions on this as well or if anyone is interested in renting a full Estatebelow is a SLURL to take a look as well. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zen%20Destani/127/132/22
  9. 500 USD includes transfer fee.
  10. Also allows access to Blake Sea for those wanting an Airport / Yacht club or Luxury rental area or RPG SIM with loads of options wit hthose adjoining Linden owned SIM's!!!
  11. Hello Ebbe, Welcome to SL as we hope you enjoy it here with us also! As SL is a community to be experienced on so many different levels. My main concern in SL would be some thought on correcting land bot behaviour. I have been speaking with people who have been identifying an ongoing issue with land bots specifically for purchaseing land that take advantage of newer clients or lag spikes for people setting a land parcel for sale for 1L. Most every SL reposter in the forums avoids confronting this and blames those to have fallen and taken one for the team and move along approach. As this actually beleive it or not both affects that persons love of SL as well as LL revenue and reputation wise that is passed along to others about not coming into SL due to it. I have had some thoughts on this as possible choices to help curb this from occuring, both with the community's help and LL's. These ideas are just that and hope others will build on them or correct them. Main thing is that people selling land at 1L lose their land and money invest not to mention (TIER costs that LL would get)happens often enough to talk about. Land bots from what I understand search land listings repeatedly to find low cost lands to buy based on that... Can we find a solution to it thru not allowing land listed for sale at or below a certain price in the list for it to not pickup those lands? Something to look into.AnotherissuewithLand bots is anonymity, Landbots which have purchased land , people have no way to really communicate with the Bot owner/ handler. Could we force an issue with those Scripted Bots to have their Paid verified Account showing on their Profile for legitamacy? In all honesty it's in everyones best interest to be able to get in touch with those who use land bots. Land Bots are usually in hastily made groups, where their Owners/Handlers who supply the land credits are in the group with their names hidden. The above idea to allow those Bots to be linked to the main account (payment verified account)would help remove that to keep those Land resellers more responsible for their actions. Some seem to buy the land than flip it to a third company fast to both distance themselves from what the Bot has done and to come back to resell the land as an 'innocent' land reseller. Last thing I would point out , over the forum posts I have read on Land Bots. Most just point out nothing can or will be done that it is pointles to make a change. Or simply derail or mis interpret the extent o nhow this both affects the Community and SL in general. One of the great things in SL is the ability to 'own' some land to decorate as you would and have a feeling of safety and privacy. In all of the world a community a sstrong and diverse as SL is. It's amazing that not one person that I have seen in any forum reply on a land bot,land dispute ever questioned the bot owner beyond that they are here and it is allowed and bots are great. But has anyone thought or mention that Bot's are scripted? That the Owner COULD in fact write it to ignore lands set below a certain price? Guess not after so many years. Blame the people who were affected is much easier than aknowledging something that has been going on for too long. For those I have spoken too one couple lost about 75 USD for the land purchase price plus 125 USD land tier fee, another who I have spoken to over 10,000L not to mention the land tier they would of been paying to LL. The land market both affects current SL clients as well as those who may be coming into SL. Which also affects every other part , Marketplace sales for homes accesories etc. This is a big big issue. I would suggest a look into and change in this area of some great concern both for the community as well as Linden Labs for both lost revenues and enjoyment and more importantly positive feedback. Anyone who has had this happen please post in here with your welcome message to Mr. Ebbe. State your landbot issue, the date, land size lost, what SIM how much you may of lost and tier that you may of had to pay but not now and how it affected you and your feelings about SL. If you have some better ideas on possible change for land bots please add anything constructive!
  12. Hi KittyChilie! To answer your 2 questions as it seems others may of have missed it. Firstly 'Is anyone else fed up with land bots?'..... Yes Second ' How do they find and buy land so quickly w/o payment info?' From what I understand, bots are scripted agents that scan the search engine in game for newly listed and listed lands for sale constantly. They overuse SL resources to do this. Now they than buy the land without payment inf oas the Bot handler sets them so much money to work with when they have them running around. They do no need to be payment verified to buy land so long as they are in a group with land credits, provided for by the payment verified Bot Owner/Handler. Those account would have to be in groups the Bot is in, but with how Groups are setup they may be hidden inside and you will not be able to see the actual Avatar that owns it. I feel every Bot legally in world should have to be associated with the paid verified account for ease of finding who to contact for those 'accidental purchases.' The 1L land sale sort. When people are trying to redeed the land or first time land owners or SL lag hits. But if LL would remove lands for sale at a certain low point from search that WOULD help stop 99% of the whoops of Landbot 1L land buy angst I think. But than again a decent Bot Owner/Handler could script their Bot to ignore the 1L land sales as well.
  13. Hey Vegro , thanks for the Kudos Hope your doing well! It is a great low rate Mall for anyone interested in starting out or keeping their expenses to a minimum!
  14. Reminds me of an old tenant on one of our Estates years ago. They had a store selling scripted items, He was a 'low lag' script maker. Rented about a 6144m sized parcel. after a few weeks started complaining of lag on the Estate makeing it impossible for him to work, everytime I went there it was 'okay'. He began examining how many scripts others were using on the Estate (adult beds mainly) going over 1 MS script time, pointed out anything over 0.1 MS is laggy. I think scripts in use were about 5.4 MS on the estate tab. Sure objects in use go higher, can't deny it. After a few more visits on checking script time and complaints about lag from him and him being convinced I needed to make the other tenants remove their overly high scripted items. I took another look at the scripts running on the Estate, decided to filter the by name, started adding his up FIRST lol. He was right his scripted items were all below 0.1 MS of region time use BUT he made up for that in sheer volume adding his items I stopped at about 2.4 MS.... So roughly 40% of the scripted items in play on the SIM using resources were his... Not bad for someone renting about 12% of an Estate and use 40% of the Estate's resources and complain about others abusing it saying they are causing the lag.
  15. hi we have both Mainland and Estate shop rentals! Mainland side we offer 30 Prim shops for 25-50L/week http://slurl.com/secondlife/Worlt/218/92/45 Also offering some shop space on our Estate for the club, 50-100 Prims for 500-1000 a month(30 days) plus covering 1-2 Events contests prizes/cash. If you have your own staff that you would like to use, let me know (free monthly rent than just contest prizes/lindens). http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zen%20Events/124/192/23