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  1. There are some themes & patterns that have emerged,. In my attempt to learn & understand I will list what I have "gathered" I am eager to hear what I missed or understood incorrectly. Today the owner of the region where I have my venue took down several emitters of butterflies and moths that I had asked her consider removing in mid April. They were showing a very high rate of object updates. I was stunned to see that with these gone, the sim script % increased from 30ish % to 60%ish. The physics allocated memory of 52ish stayed stable. This has me so curious as to how to effectively test for non-script related things that suck up server resources. Sometime in April many regions appear to have been effected by a systemic event related to SL servers. One outcome consistently reported appears to be a slowing down of scripts in the regions effected. The exact nature of this event has yet to be definitively identified (or I have missed this). Situations within a region that amplify the impact of the "alleged event" and subsequent reduction of script speed may include: A high number of objects (over ______?) A high number of scripted objects and of this group, a high number of scripted objects with running scripts (over __________?) A high number of collisions A high number of emitters and moving objects that use simulator resources to read object updates constantly A high number of 1024 textures (while this has been named, is it a server side issue, client side, or both?) Key indicators of region health include Sim FPS allocated physics memory script percentage server time total frame time Steps to take to "trouble shoot" and improve a region's function seem to include Remove or stop running scripts in houses, buildings, landscaping, fires, lights, special effects (pretty swirling stardust for example), art, etc. Carefully consider your choices when building & selecting scripted objects with "active scripts" ("active" meaning running scripts) used in a parcel/region. Keep the stats window open to assess impact of scripted objects as you work. Remove all temporary rezzers Remove or stop all moving animals, breedables, and emitters that generate temporary objects generating constant object updates, this can have HUGE impact on server resources (ex - a dragonfly emitter, swimming fish) Reduce total number of objects\Reduce total number of scripted objects Become informed about the many ways scripts can "eat up" server resources \See if you can amplify the issues in your region by "testing" via putting out a "set" of suspect items. For example, suspecting emitters were making things worse I rezzed 10 emitters that showed a negative impact on sim stats script %. \sim restarts https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/100232-what-happens-during-a-sim-restart/ Tools to use in trouble shooting include Stats window kept open area search (highlight objects, right click, select "show scripts' from the menu the "pie chart" access by right clicking on an object, find "scripts" and select for script info and option of stopping scripts in modifiable objects. records using print screen to record region statistics using ONLY the Second Life Viewer (I have been told that Lindens will not use data from the FS viewer but do not know if this is accurate. Turn on "Show Updates" In Developer Tools > Show Window > Show Updates to Objects . . . . ALL the blue flowing streams represent updates to objects. every objects' land impact rating https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/calculating-land-impact-r273/ https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/83294-prims-prim-equivalent-land-impact-a-too-long-guide/ RELEVANT THREADS & LINKS It really is the number of idle scripts that drags down a sim The Down and Dirty Truth on Lag and How You Can Improve Your Viewer’s Performance. https://blog.zoha-islands.com/the-down-and-dirty-truth-on-lag-and-how-you-can-improve-your-viewers-performance/ memory allocated too high?
  2. I have been following this discussion with intense interest, having a similiar experience with scripts running at a very low % and HUDS, menus, and scripted items having a very delayed response time that is not duplicated when retrying them at Hippo Hollow or other low use regions. I have submitted a JIRA that was just accepted https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227099 Lacking the extensive knowledge of many contributors to this thread, I can only affirm how frustrating this situation is.
  3. Today I was defrauded of 80 USD by a 10 year old avatar posing an agent for a reputable company. The holiday is a perfect time as the Linden Lab offices are closed. Buyer Beware!
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