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  1. There are some themes & patterns that have emerged,. In my attempt to learn & understand I will list what I have "gathered" I am eager to hear what I missed or understood incorrectly. Today the owner of the region where I have my venue took down several emitters of butterflies and moths that I had asked her consider removing in mid April. They were showing a very high rate of object updates. I was stunned to see that with these gone, the sim script % increased from 30ish % to 60%ish. The physics allocated memory of 52ish stayed stable. This has me so curious as to how to
  2. I have been following this discussion with intense interest, having a similiar experience with scripts running at a very low % and HUDS, menus, and scripted items having a very delayed response time that is not duplicated when retrying them at Hippo Hollow or other low use regions. I have submitted a JIRA that was just accepted https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227099 Lacking the extensive knowledge of many contributors to this thread, I can only affirm how frustrating this situation is.
  3. Today I was defrauded of 80 USD by a 10 year old avatar posing an agent for a reputable company. The holiday is a perfect time as the Linden Lab offices are closed. Buyer Beware!
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