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  1. i would like to see the MP team do something about the scammer stores that are again popping up every Friday and stay online til lindens get back to work on Monday...repeated AR's about it are doing nothing, no one is monitoring this on weekends at all...they were being removed quite fast for about a month now its like they ignore the Ar's about them again ....this weekend alone this one store has posted over 400 fake items using other creators images...the items inside are not what is showing in the image...people are not trusting to shop on the MP because of these twits...whatever light slap
  2. if he had a business in rl he would be paying for his overhead.... if not his store would be shut down...its how a business works
  3. in rl u pay rent lights insurance business license fees ect ect...all overhead premium should be looked at the same way in again MY opinion...no one begrudges u anything im sure.....the world wants to many handouts these days ....again my opinion
  4. again...IF you make a profit and cash out of SL then you should pay premium ..you can disagree but this is my opinion... yours doesnt change mine
  5. if u cash out money or make enough to buy a sim ...spend tons on stuff in SL then its my opinion that you be premium...that simple
  6. again i said anyone making a profit ...anyone cashing out of sl should be paying a premium fee ...that is all the rest is fine
  7. if you are making money to buy things, pay rent shop for fun things then yes i think anyone making a profit in Sl should be premium its not fair that free folks to make money and do nothing to cover the costs of having a business there...and im not taking about shopping for clothes or home decorating things that is my opinion...its how a real life business works also
  8. i absolutely agree anyone who has a business and makes money in SL should have to be premium
  9. you get 300L a week now if you cancel and then redo premium its at the new rate not old
  10. how about fixing this one https://gyazo.com/3688c8c315c68e97f8fdb8e81a58ca47...i have only been asking you to fix it about 6 or 8 months now ...there is much more events posted than 25 in the next 24 hours...
  11. when your marketing for a store you use all advertising avenues available...Sl groups included
  12. then your not who i was talking about your renting and putting money into the SL economy again please reread
  13. then u were not the person i was referring to.... please reread....im talking non premiums who just sell and do nothing to support the economy of SL(there are many who do this) if you make money in SL its should be part of your overhead to pay premium as with any business its part of your overhead people want it all for free ...this is my opinion ...and land fees are going down it balances out ...they are not done yet restructuring and this was not thrown on us it was discussed at some town halls and office hour meetings a few times in the past year or so
  14. in any real life business you have overhead costs.,rent, business licenses, insurance, advertising fees, ect ect..its not rocket science LL is a business but everyone wants it for free...that's how our world is these days give it all to me and i dont wanna pay attitudes
  15. maybe stop the automatic connecting people to chat when a message in a group is sent ..only the chat portion...some groups that has to open up 5000 or more messages to folks logged in ,in a single group ...make chat in groups something u have to open not auto connect it...huge save on servers right there...please think outside the box Lindens...i don't like that your taking things away from the non premiums.. make it that only new members get lower groups not the ones that already have them, grandfather it cus ur pissin alotta folks off right now with this and many will leave..you want to reta
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