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  1. I think it's pretty sad LL doesn't appreciate what they have. You use to care about your community and worked towards making it a great place for everyone. Over the years, I have watched you sink money into alternative projects such as Sansar... Not to mention the embarrassing Minecraft ripoff that was Patterns. More recently, you have continued to impose the cost of your failed ventures on the residents of Second Life. Making us pay for your failures. Perhaps if you'd stop pouring money into these expansion projects, and instead reinvested in the platform that is beloved by it's community, you would find better success. I understand that as a company, you're worried about the longevity of Second Life, and want to have a safety net to ensure your future survival as a company. The recent houseboats are proof enough that if you would invest your time and money in us, you would reap the rewards and there would be no need to keep taxing your population to fund your other ventures. In short, stop trying to make alternative sources of income and actually take care of what you have. You will find better success, and the population of SL will grow once again.
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