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  1. i would like to see the MP team do something about the scammer stores that are again popping up every Friday and stay online til lindens get back to work on Monday...repeated AR's about it are doing nothing, no one is monitoring this on weekends at all...they were being removed quite fast for about a month now its like they ignore the Ar's about them again ....this weekend alone this one store has posted over 400 fake items using other creators images...the items inside are not what is showing in the image...people are not trusting to shop on the MP because of these twits...whatever light slap on the wrist ya all doing is not working, please come up with a solution to get these off MP fast as flagging and abuse reports are failing miserably ...the fraud is just sickening anymore on there
  2. if he had a business in rl he would be paying for his overhead.... if not his store would be shut down...its how a business works
  3. in rl u pay rent lights insurance business license fees ect ect...all overhead premium should be looked at the same way in again MY opinion...no one begrudges u anything im sure.....the world wants to many handouts these days ....again my opinion
  4. again...IF you make a profit and cash out of SL then you should pay premium ..you can disagree but this is my opinion... yours doesnt change mine
  5. if u cash out money or make enough to buy a sim ...spend tons on stuff in SL then its my opinion that you be premium...that simple
  6. again i said anyone making a profit ...anyone cashing out of sl should be paying a premium fee ...that is all the rest is fine
  7. if you are making money to buy things, pay rent shop for fun things then yes i think anyone making a profit in Sl should be premium its not fair that free folks to make money and do nothing to cover the costs of having a business there...and im not taking about shopping for clothes or home decorating things that is my opinion...its how a real life business works also
  8. i absolutely agree anyone who has a business and makes money in SL should have to be premium
  9. you get 300L a week now if you cancel and then redo premium its at the new rate not old
  10. how about fixing this one https://gyazo.com/3688c8c315c68e97f8fdb8e81a58ca47...i have only been asking you to fix it about 6 or 8 months now ...there is much more events posted than 25 in the next 24 hours...
  11. when your marketing for a store you use all advertising avenues available...Sl groups included
  12. then your not who i was talking about your renting and putting money into the SL economy again please reread
  13. then u were not the person i was referring to.... please reread....im talking non premiums who just sell and do nothing to support the economy of SL(there are many who do this) if you make money in SL its should be part of your overhead to pay premium as with any business its part of your overhead people want it all for free ...this is my opinion ...and land fees are going down it balances out ...they are not done yet restructuring and this was not thrown on us it was discussed at some town halls and office hour meetings a few times in the past year or so
  14. in any real life business you have overhead costs.,rent, business licenses, insurance, advertising fees, ect ect..its not rocket science LL is a business but everyone wants it for free...that's how our world is these days give it all to me and i dont wanna pay attitudes
  15. maybe stop the automatic connecting people to chat when a message in a group is sent ..only the chat portion...some groups that has to open up 5000 or more messages to folks logged in ,in a single group ...make chat in groups something u have to open not auto connect it...huge save on servers right there...please think outside the box Lindens...i don't like that your taking things away from the non premiums.. make it that only new members get lower groups not the ones that already have them, grandfather it cus ur pissin alotta folks off right now with this and many will leave..you want to retain what u have not lose them...other grids have unlimited groups...im fine on the price increases cus well i haven't seen a premium increase in the 15 years i been a user and i rather see land tiers fall than increase....my pet peeve has always been the folks that make money in SL and DO not have premium.. that should be a requirement.. if you are a business and profit at all in SL you should have to be premium...SUPPORT this opportunity LL gives us
  16. whats the whole story?...why did he eject? rules?
  17. unfortunately there is STILL no fix for this ...i made a Jira almost 4 years ago for it still waiting for a fix....crickets from LL.... jira is here if you want to add too it https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-9984
  18. its been accepted for over 2 years probably now Whirly ...its still broken, still ignored,sorry off topic but yep still waiting nothing done...every week same thing when i list blankety blank
  19. @Grumpity...i sure wish this worked with my Blank folders jira.... almost 4 years lol but TY for the block on MP much needed feature
  20. but they gonna lower land prices to balance out so it all works out...we haven't had any increases in sales commissions in the 12 years i been selling..i consider that being dang lucky when everywhere else has increased...also the cash out fees were 1 dollar for 10 plus years, lindens took a loss on every cashout on that fee... covering it from other avenues so we paid only 1 buck...its time things increased/change to keep SL thriving ...it will just make us work a bit harder...no one is saying the increase will be 30% i highly doubt that would ever happen especially overnight...i haven't seen any price placed on it ...if so please show me so i can read where it says they will have 30%...speculating on anything LL does is a waste of energy....everyone thought sansar would kill SL also but alas we are still here alive and well 5% is small beans ...try etsy see what they charge to list or sell on ebay or turbosquid<much higher commissions than SL) and then we know what we can be grateful for ...we are all lucky that they even allow us to monetize what we do here, in my opinion my list i would like..... 1..fix the broken bulk editing category doesn't stay when using quick fill 2..fix my broken blank folders when uploading to the website 3.. better tools to flag and remove scam stores...i don't mean copybot i mean scam stores selling everyone else's full perm items against license and empty box scams the ones that change the names of an empty prim to make it spoof the original creators items .... 4.. NO more demos in search 5..additional store fronts 6.. ability to block customers or other stores i want to filter out by use of keyword or creators name so i dont see there stuff and have it savable 7..a better category organization...for example all textures need to be in building creator tools/texture category not spread out some in clothes some in holidays ect 8.... more categories for like GACHA
  21. i agree.... this is why they hesitate to discuss things even at the meetings cus it gets taken away as gospel that that is whats gonna happen...when in reality it was a discussion only not set in stone ...throwing ideas around at what might work....they definitely have no desire to rock the boat to much ....but change has to come they know it and we all have to understand it needs to happen to keep SL relevant and thriving in the future
  22. some have been fixed some not some i had to fix myself...but there has been no indication there will be anything like what VMM was we are already there the website is what will change now...i dont believe anythings been said about a migration in the discussions with LL
  23. what migration pam? i havent seen read or heard anything about a migration...just bug fixes some new improved addictions we all been asking for and some fee increases
  24. think alotta folks are not understanding there is going to be and its already starting a trade off from a land based cost to a merchant based cost ....u will be paying less for land and paying more for selling stuff...right now its cheap to sell and cost a ton to much to live on land...lowering land costs is a positive to bring folks into sl that will buy land settle down and become ur new customers. and stay awhile...increasing fees somewhat its not a bad thing.... i believe it will balance out...unless you an MP only person ...that u will just have to expect as in any RL business you have overheads to pay and those costs will increase always ....we have been very lucky in SL to have the opportunity to even be able to make money...im looking forward to the positive changes coming our way
  25. I support this 100% as well...would love to see more price points in the tier scale as well...allow anyone non premiums to purchase land would be a good option also giving premium members a discounted price on land....I gave up my sim a few years back because of falling sales and search issues and just overall crappy customer service from Lindens.....I would rather support fellow residents by renting from them and supporting the community that way...i still rent but i also have just recently selected a low level tier to buy a bit of land again...I will never even consider paying 300 a month for a sim ever again....if they did lower it or gave a discount for premium I may consider it......this tier question was asked at the recent interview with Pete and Oz linden and they states no plans to lower the Sl tier prices...they are using the money made to fund the New SL 2.0 and other linden lab projects...it is there cash cow...But its always worth a try and Ebbe seems to really listen ....so there is hope:matte-motes-grin:
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