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  1. I'm working in modo and I'm trying to find the skeleton mesh so I can rig my mesh to it, but I can't find one. Is there just a skeleton mesh that is in dae format somewhere? How am I supposed to export a skeleton?
  2. If I try to use viewer 3 I only get a few FPS with minimal settings but it Firestorm at high settings I can hit 60 fps. What's the issue here? On a sidenote why is the standard UI so crappy compared to Firestorm's?
  3. Why was this moved under the options menu? When you build you constantly need to flip between the two and having to go through another menu is absolutely atrocious. There's nto even a hotkey! What are you guys doing? I'm comming from 1.23 and everything about the new viewer is backwards...
  4. Building without the phoenix feature set is near impossible I hope they hurry.
  5. Basic Description With sculpties you have a certain amount of "points" that you can shape to make an object. Mesh is similar, but you have an unlimited amount of "points". This allows for very accurate and efficent building. You can also upload meshes that take the form of an avatar, i.e you can buy a dress that covers upper body to lower body without it having to be multiple prims in multiple attachment spots.
  6. What happened to SL's new little motton "fast, easy fun"? Having an object that can change it's PE on my land while scaling, linking, or scripting is EXTREMELY aggrivating/confusing.
  7. It'd be cool but a GINORMIOUS waste of resources on LL's part. It wouldn't really be practical either, seeing as there are already multiple external programs that could do it faster, better, and easier than something LL threw together. The amoutn of upkeep it would need would suck LL dry, SL would have to shift from being a virrual world to a 3d modeling app.
  8. It's a shame mesh would be viable for large objects, sculpts already cover the small stuff. Has anyone mad a jira for this issue?
  9. Sculpties are designed for small things, mesh should fill a gap where sculpties don't. Large builds that require hard edges and precise accuracy. They don't.
  10. The wonders the grid would see if island tier was halved...
  11. It's hard to find contemporary/casuual houses because they are hard to build. Most of what you'll come across is modern. That kind of pissed me off so I designed my own, you might like it too. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AUDACIA-Small-Suburban-House-131-Prims/2296283 Hopefully I'll have time to make some more but you shoul also check out La Galleria. They have a lot of high quality homes.
  12. You don't need to sculpt, you can build the fundamentals of your housee and than snag some cheap window, railing, doorframe, etc scultpies off the marketplace.
  13. I see lots of side-by-sides of small object comparisions. Has anyone tried anything like large structures? I assume mesh would triumph in both a cosmetic and resource sense.
  14. You mean like baking the normal map into the diffuse? I didn't think that was possible.
  15. I'm really confused as why there are not here. If the engine can render 3d, it can render normals, correct?
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