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  1. I'm use to playing FPS games, so it's a lot more natural to move using the ASWD keys. Plus if you're in combat sims it's kind of necessary. I tried viewer 2 and no improvement. I created an alt account and found that it doesn't have the same movement problems, so that confirmed that either: 1. Something is wrong with my ingame settings, or there's a script or something effecting me. 2. Something is wrong with the windows config files associated with the character.
  2. It always use to work, so unless there's some kind of script or something active I don't know about that is overriding the D key for movement.... How would I find out?
  3. Tried with phoenix and firestorm. Tried reinstalling and deleting all config files and stuff hoping that would reset something. I can turn right if I use the arrow keys. I can't turn right if I use the D key. But the other directions work. My D key works fine for everything else, so it has to be the game.
  4. I'm looking for a skybox house that comes with a yard big enough to put a car down in, maybe a garage. Not looking to pay top dollar for it, but don't need a terribly lavish prim allowance either. However, I'd prefer if I could find a simple empty skybox that lets me place my own house design and furnishings. All the ones I've found so far seem to have predetermined layouts. Are there any places that accomodate this?
  5. I can't even see who has voice let alone hear them. I've got it enabled. Any ideas on what I can do?
  6. I read once about someone who had a partner in SL for years before they found out they weren't really a woman behind a keyboard. Yet they remained partnered to them in SL regardless. That I found very interesting. So I was wondering how most people in SL would react. You'd think that the average person would feel betrayed and break off the relationship. Many might even be repulsed by the idea. But I suppose there are others who figure the emotional bonds they formed are real, and there's no reason to break off the relationship in SL when SL is about being something other than what you are. How
  7. Having everyone use small avatars is a nice idea. Could get a much bigger battlefield out of it. Although I think I can make something unique that people will put down money for and want to come to, I don't know if the gun battle community of SL is large enough to begin with.
  8. I have no shortage of love for the topic, but do have a shortage of cash. I guess my only avenue then is to make gear and use it in existing places.
  9. I notice there are a lot of fantasy and RP combat sims, but not a lot of support for gun based combat sims. Would I be wasting my time if I were to make a sim based around that? Maybe the SL community just doesn't have that much interest in it. WW2 themed shooting grounds and such seem to go unused, although plane based sims seem to be decently active. My goal was to make it a replica of a historical battlefield, with equipment available for purchase. However, I was concerned about the cost associated with a large sim. I can't put down $300 every month, I'd need ways to offset that. Any tips
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