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  1. Alrighty thanks all , glad people like it. Special thanks to Chosen for the tips. I keep forgetting I am making things for a game, a friend also told me that I use to much geometry in places where I don't need it. Nonetheless thanks again .
  2. So, what do you guys and gals think of the overal shape and look? See anything major that stands out? If so please tell me so I can fix it, thanks! '
  3. Oh I thought it was the girl from Portal, but I guess it is Zoey! Anyway don't rip stuff even if you are not going to sell it, don't. Make your own avatar or do nothing at all.
  4. Think this might be illegal.. but none the less looks pretty good.
  5. It just their way of "forcing" you to buy more sims and/or land. I mean noones going to use a 1 meter build, so most make it 20 meters or something and most think it will of course raise in prim limit by 10 prims or something but nope, raises by 200 prims, crazy. LL has been proven wrong on many occasions but still they insist that mesh creates a lot of lag, when in fact sculpties are probably one of the biggest elements that create lag. Maybe they will realize this some day, though I doubt it.
  6. Get a credit card? Or just verify your Paypal, either one works, but to call it "bullshit" is quite silly as it stops a lot of people that don't know what they are doing from uploading random meshes. Also the title is a bit misleading.
  7. I don't understand why anyone would be "afraid" of mesh, its a revolution in Second Life. We havn't had something this "break-through" since sculpties and that was some 5 years ago. Everyone should look at it as a new begining (although the release was a bit anti-climatic) its going to broaden the horizons greatly and creativity will sky rocket. Learning however is quite easy. All mesh is is normal modeling, only differance is you have to apply a lose criteria to your work making sure not to go over that 60,000 Poly mark which is quite impossible, unless you have a face or something of that nature. Anyway that was my two cents.
  8. Ah, try Clicking your Inventory and then going to the 'Plus' at the bottom right corner of the screen, click it and then upload the mesh from there, that should work.
  9. So when will Phoenix Viewer and/or Firestorm Viewer get Mesh support for Second Life? Have LL even released the code yet for mesh or are they not going to do that and just for everyone to use Viewer 3? Sorry if this question has been asked already.
  10. I think its just to piss the people off that have been waiting for mesh for years now..
  11. Honestly its only 200L.. why go through all this trouble?
  12. Might be banned? I deleted an account some time ago but can still use the SL website so idk. Good luck.
  13. Lol well put. I can hear it now "I BOUGHT NEED FOR SPEED I SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE THE CARS!"... yep all the cry babies are really gunna come out once mesh hits.
  14. I agree with you on most things but you can't say that mesh should take this long to come out. I mean even some of the lidens who were testing it at first said its taking way to long.. LL takes their sweet time with everything except money which is understandable because their main goal is money, but when I submit a ticket and I dont get a reply in weeks and then my friend (Who owns a sim or two) submits one he gets instant reply.. not fair at all. Plus the whole "immune to ban" thing if you have a sim is kinda crazy.
  15. I agree that there are alot of things that can and should be changed but why not just do it with the platform you already have? I mean the only thing stopping all this Development is LL and their laziness and the fact that they probably use 10 year old tech still that is barly working.
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