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  1. Still looking for great staff members.
  2. Still looking for great staff members.
  3. Any one out there wanting to teach some kind of workshop even. Doesn't 'have' to be about BDSM. Education in any area is great.
  4. Hi Anne I would love to have a comedy night, that would be fun? Would you send me a NC in world please and we can go from there? Thanks heaps! Tahlia Snoodle RISK Owner
  5. Hi there Sierra! I am looking for an experienced emoter to teach people within our community how to emote. We are looking for an instructor who knows how to help people think outside the square with emoting. If you would be interested in doing some workshops, please contact me inworld. Thanks heaps!
  6. I am offering a position as club manager to someone who has managerial skills and has held a position or worked 2 or more years in a managers role. Anyone under 6 months old in SL, please do not apply, I need experienced people. Unless you are serious, loyal, educated, bubbly, have managerial skills in RL, then contact me Please only apply if you have a passion for helping people and you love music. Contact Tahlia Snoodle in world for more information! Thank you very much!
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