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  1. I am still looking for work.
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking for work as a host, dancer, personal assistant, or club manager. I prefer that the place I work at is at an adult sim. I gave 4 years of hosting experience, 2 years of dancing experience, 2 years of club management experience, and a years worth of experience of being a personal assistant I have experience working with various contest boards, scheduling boards, and SHX. I know how to send notices, how to post to the in world events calendar, how to eject and ban people from parcels and sims. I am very laid back but know when to put my foot dow
  3. Hi all, I am an experienced Club Manager, Host, and Dancer looking for work! 6 years Hosting experience. 4 years Management experience. 2 years Dancing experience I know how to work shoutcast, send group notices, use google calendar, google spreadsheets, google documents, and I have experience using different types of contest boards, if your club does any contests using contest boards. I also know how to work with in world scheduling boards. I am also a very hard worker and I only work at one club at a time, so therefore serious job offers only, because not only do I
  4. Hello all, I am a very experienced Manager that is looking for a General Manager or Club Manager job. I have 4 years worth of Manager experience. I have experience with working with Google Documents, Google Calendar, and Google Spreadsheets. I also know how to post to the in world calendar, and I know how to work Shoutcast and different contest boards. I am looking for a paid position only, since I do not work for free. Pay can be negotiated, of course. I am in the US Eastern Time Zone, which is 3 hours ahead of SL time. I also can cover host from time to time, if its neede
  5. Still looking for work, preferably in a General Manager or Manager position. Thanks.
  6. This sounds like a scam, due to having to pay a linden fee just to learn skills that other clubs teach for free, also you should not have to pay in order to get the exclusive gestures if you are a staff member at said club. Also, demanding DJs be exclusive to your club is a mistake, most good, reputable DJs DJ at multiple clubs without issue. with those to things alone, you have shot yourself in the foot, and many good people who DJ and host will not be interested because of the two things I mentioned, alone. Good luck, you are going to need it.
  7. Hello all, I am looking for work as a Manager, Assistant Manager, Host, or Dancer. I have experience in all three job types, 5 years in hosting, 3 years in Dancing, and 2 years in being a Manager for clubs. I know how to use google spreadsheets, google calendar, and google documents. I also know how to post to in game events calendar, how to eject andor ban people from simparcel, how to post notices to groups, how to use shoutcast, how to use contest boards, and so much more. I am in the US East Coast, which is SLT + 3. I am available from 7am SLT until about 10pm SLT, and
  8. ZanderZ is an adult club looking for DJ's, hosts, and dancers! We are a fun and unique club where all genres (with some exceptions i.e no death metal or gangster rap) of music are allowed, we are looking for fun loving, friendly, and reliable staff. We have an excellent and experienced Management team, great staff, and even better VIP's. REQUIREMENTS: Must be over 18 in RL Everyone must be 60 SL days old Everyone must have a decent looking mesh avatar You must speak fluent English You must be there for your entire 2 hour set (unless its an emergency) You keep all (100%) o
  9. I am interested in the position... I have managed clubs before (2+ years experience), I know how to work with google documents, google calendar, I know how to set up shoutcast cards, I know how work shoutcast boards, send notices to groups, list events on SL events calendar, eject and ban people from parcel / estate... I also have 3+ years of hosting experience. Just IM me in world if you are interested in hiring me, my username is Astrahlynn.
  10. Hello there, I am a very experienced Host, Personal Assistant, and Manager that is looking for work! I am online from 7am until 10pm daily, so I am flexible in my work schedule. Personality wise, I am super friendly, kind, hard-working, reliable, and trustworthy, also I am also a super neat-freak, so I usually have a nice folder for whatever place I work at filled with landmarks and note cards. I have experience working with contest boards, google calendar, google documents, google spreadsheets, I know how to post to SL Event Calendar and how to send notices out to groups.
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